Catch Up With Top 5 Left Handed Golf Tips!

Left Handed Golf Tips

If you are a southpaw golf player and seeking left handed golf tips to improve your playing skills, you’ve landed on the right page!

This blog will be a useful reference source for lefties as we fully understand how hard they have to face when playing the game that  mainly uses the right hand.

What are you waiting for? Let’s dive into this blog to catch useful hints for your next golf match.

Pros And Cons Of Left Handed Golf

According to the reliable blog named Cheapism, only roughly 10% of the residents are left-handed.

Thus, it is understandable that lefty golfers only make up a small selection of them, which offers the reason why there are not many materials or instructions for this group of players.

To capture better left-handed tricks for golfers, we believe that you need to clear out the advantages and disadvantages of golf left-handers.

Benefit Of Golf Left-Handers In The Game

Increase Imagination and Creativity

As you are one of the few lefty golfers, we guess you have already heard about Bubba Watson and Phil Mickelson, two professional left-handed golfers in the world.

But do you know that they have excellent imagination and creativity to strike shots that most righty golfers can not carry out?

They showed their strategy to reach a miraculous eagle putt with Par-5 13th.

Particularly, they curved a roughly 40-yard gap at the 10th hole of Par-4 at a professional Augusta National match.

From these practical examples, we can conclude that lefties have more imagination and intuition to predict some strategic shots that right-handed golfers might not foresee.

In a world in which your creativity is required day by day, this is truly a big strength over fellow opponents.


As you belong to the minority group of people who are left-handed, it seems likely that other players will pay you more attention.

Who knows, somebody out of those might give you a certain opportunity for the greatest deals or even the chance to take part in a big tournament.

Drawback Of Golf Left-Handers

Lack Of Teaching Materials And Instructions

The first drawback of being a golf lefty is the poverty of learning materials or instruction that can guide you on how to play properly.

But don’t get us wrong! Many coaches or instructors might instruct both left and right-handed golfers, yet not all of them.

Golf Course Layout

Golf course

There is a truth that left-handed players meet setbacks in looking for a playing guide and even a course layout (which is mainly designed for righty players).

Hence, lefties need to steer more carefully on courses, especially at the tee box.

Choosing Specific Gloves

Picking gloves for golf lefties is also a challenge.

If you are in the Dicks Sporting Goods or PGA Superstore where offers an array of golf gear and equipment, you will not have the pain to look for a golf glove for a right hand.

Nevertheless, we bet that you will spend more time finding a suitable golf glove for your left- hand.

That’s why we recommend you buy some at a time and let them stay in your sports bag in some necessary cases.

5 Left Handed Golf Tips

Now, after you have covered some advantages and disadvantages to follow playing by left-hands, we believe it is a suitable time to dive into the core of this blog – left-handed golf tricks.

Understand Your Mental Routine

As we mentioned above, most lefties are prone to have better imagination and intuition ability than others.

Thus, keeping an optimistic attitude is a good habit in this sport, no matter whether you are a left-handed player or not.

Forming a positive mindset to persist through the obstacle is one of the huge keys to lower your handicap.

In order to reach this target, you can take a look at some below rules:

  • Not getting frustrated or mad as things don’t follow your way.
  • Don’t pressure yourself too much; just enjoy your game.
  • Let’s follow a pre-shot habit even if you are playing badly.

Many professional trainers share that “You aren’t your mark.”

When you learn how to disconnect your worth with your score, it seems likely that it is easier to get a score and enjoy playing golf better.

Choosing The Right Equipment

Golf equipment

The next fundamental tip for our golf lefties is the necessity of picking the correct golf gear among an array of golf equipment for left-handed players because it would not make full use of your strength if you pick the wrong equipment for right-handed players.

Besides, we realize many golf amateur players are prone to choose some poor device and don’t make a serious investment in their equipment for this game.

This is a big slip that may result in lowering your level than your real performance. Therefore, day in and day out, you feel lost enjoyment and motivation for this sport.

Get the Right Stance For Left Handed Golfers

Your posture shows partly whether you target properly or not. That’s why stance is one of the key factors influencing the final result of any golf round, no matter if you are left-handed or right-handed.

Following the golf rule, your shoulders, hips, and feet should be in line with the intended aim, or else it might create chaos in the player’s full swing.

Golf Grip for Lefties

Having a firm grip on the golf club is one of the largest fundamentals in this sport.

A grip that is too strong or too weak will never be ideal for getting a higher score because you might be stuck with some hook or some pull slice (they are common mistakes in golf).

The core is that you should place your hands in the neutral spot to keep your performance better consistently match after match.

So, what is the correct golf left’s grip?

The correct golf left's grip

Now we will show you some short instruction to enhance the golf grip for lefties:

  • Place your right hand on the golf grip so that your hold is focused on your finger, not in your palm.
  • Next, you curl your right middle, pinkie, and ring fingers over your handle. If it is prone to move to the left, you need to have a “solid and strong” grip. Or else, you should try to keep the grip in the middle position.
  • Put the grip in your fingers only, not in your palm. When your right hand has a great hold, place your left hand and add more power to it.
  • Lastly, roll the grip to your handle’s right side. This is a middle and neutral spot that would permit you to have a draw, hit a cut shot, or play it straight.

No matter where you stand on which side of a ball, how you place your hands is much more crucial in comparison with other factors.

If you realize your ball hits are not creating consistent contact and are prone to sideways, you need to always glide through the grip before modifying anything else.

Technique Golf Tips

One of the essential rules to pin in lefties’ minds is that the golf hit should reflect what righty players are doing.

Thus, when you read or care about some advice designed specifically for golf righties, you should only focus on the core rule and apply it to your game by the mirror technique.

By following the right and proper approach when using a left hand on a golf course, you might add and enhance some other vital aspects to the game, such as capturing how to strike a straight or a cut shot left-handed.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Is golf tougher for lefties?

Should I golf right or left

Our answer is yes. In comparison with many years ago, a lot of factors related to the game are still mainly designed for right-handed golfers.

However, the golf lefties market is getting primarily interested and making left-handed players enjoy this sport with ease.

Who are the best left-handed golfers?

When it comes to this question, we bet that the name popping into most golfers’ heads is Phil Mickelson, one of America’s outstanding golf players.

Besides, we can also mention some other excellent names: Bubba Watson, Mike Weir.

Should you golf right or left?

If you are a right-handed dominant person, this game might be easier. In case you are a left-handed golfer, suddenly modifying to being right-hand players may be too challenging.

Thus, we recommend going in the preferred hand direction and take advantage of it.


If you still stay with us until now, we bet that you are no longer worried about seeking some tricks for lefties on golf courses.

And you can now be confident of capturing the Top 5 Left Handed Golf Tips correctly on your next round.

Good luck with your performance in the game, and don’t forget to follow us to own more useful tricks for our lives.

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