How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball?

How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

For either beginners or professional golfers, getting backspin in golf is one of the most important techniques that they should master.In today’s article, we will tell you more about backspin skills and offer a step-by-step instruction on how to put backspin on a golf ball. There are many things that you need to pay attention … Read more

Catch Up With Top 5 Left Handed Golf Tips!

Left Handed Golf Tips

If you are a southpaw golf player and seeking left handed golf tips to improve your playing skills, you’ve landed on the right page!This blog will be a useful reference source for lefties as we fully understand how hard they have to face when playing the game that  mainly uses the right hand.What are you … Read more

How To Increase Driver Distance?

How To Increase Driver Distance

When you can achieve a proper driver distance, you will feel more confident in your playing. As a result, you can perform excellent swings on the golf court with such a promising start.However, many golfers, especially beginners, haven’t managed to know how to increase driver distance. Don’t worry; this article will show you the way. … Read more

How Far Should You Hit Your Wedges?

How Far Should You Hit Your Wedges

A common mistake of most amateur golf players is hitting their wedge shots too high without considering the consistency.If you are one of them, it is pretty sure that you wonder why your wedge shots are not accurate as you expected.The solution to this problem lies in one essential skill for all golfers: understand and … Read more