Is Golf Hard? What You Should Know Before Picking It Up?

is golf hard

A controversial opinion is that golf is extremely difficult to learn. You may have heard about some specifically hard terms in golf, like the tees, lies, putting, or chipping.So is golf hard? Yes, golf is an arduous sport to play. It requires a combination of balance, power, coordination, accuracy, and mental concentration to hit a … Read more

Golf Scorecard Explained – In-depth Guidance For You

Golf Scorecard Explained

Golf has always been considered a high-end sport for the “elite” people for its significantly high cost. Everything in golf, from practice sportswear to golf clubs, takes quite much money to afford.With such a high-fashion vibe like that, golf requires a lot of rules and discipline to follow, either. For example, the golf scorecard contains … Read more

How to Score in Golf? Detailed Explanation for Golfers

How to Score in Golf

When finding information to start playing golf, many people wonder, “How to score in golf?” By knowing and understanding the score formula of golf, you will get yourself suitable strategies to win the game.Therefore, it is very important to have a thorough concept of how this sport works. Let us help you with our precise … Read more