How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball?

How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball

For either beginners or professional golfers, getting backspin in golf is one of the most important techniques that they should master.

In today’s article, we will tell you more about backspin skills and offer a step-by-step instruction on how to put backspin on a golf ball.

There are many things that you need to pay attention to. Let’s scroll down to read!

Backspin In Golf

In the first part, let’s get to know the definition of the word “backspin” and what causes this technique. Details as following:


Backspin is known as an approaching technique that golfers can create a shot and less putt to hit the ball straight to the hole. In golf, backspin plays an important role.

Sometimes, you might apply this technique while playing this sport without knowing its name. This skill is mostly used when the spin is located in the front of the green.

Besides, players who start playing golf for the first time often concentrate on the main area.

If they can get the handicap points and go forwards, using backspin can help decline a few shots and score the game.

Backspin in golf

What Causes Backspin In Golf

There are many factors that affect backspin technique like club loft, surface friction, equipment, and club speed. Let’s have a look at them, one by one!

Club loft

For professional players, the wedge part is the gist to help them create more backspin due to its angle. And the loftier clubs, the better backspin generated.

Before buying a golf club, check if the loft meets your requirement or not.

Surface friction

Well, the lack of friction tends to create more spin physically. Therefore, smoother surfaces generate more spin than the rougher ones.

This trait explains why there are grooves on golf clubs and dimples on the balls. When the two items collide with each other, they will create necessary frictions.


When it comes to buying equipment for golf, there is equipment, such as balls, clubs that are specifically designed to raise the rate of the spin during the golf shots.

There are two options for you to check.

You can check the indicators of items given by manufacturers or ask the sellers and golf experts for more information.

Club speed

The speed of your clubhead also influences the less or more backspin generation. Players can increase the rate of the ball spins by improving their clubhead speeds.

Adjust this speed by managing your hand wrist precisely.

How To Put Backspin On A Golf Ball – Step By Step Instruction

Generally, there are a few steps for you to create backspins on a ball. These steps can change from individual to individual.

Also, different golfers have their methods to apply this technique. There are five following steps to create spins in golf:

backspin technique

Mapping Your Shots

For beginners, mapping the shots seems to be difficult as they lack skills and experience.

However, for professional golfers, defining the ball route and the projection of the shot will help them stand out from other players.

It means, player somehow can analyze the greens and related conditions. Then he can predict whether the ball will stop or jump after landing.

By guessing like this, players handle the game more confidently and create more backspin if needed.

In case you are unable to map the route of your shot, don’t worry! Practice your required skills day by day, and try to guess the route.

Your route reading ability can get improved over time.

Correct The Golf Ball Position And Stance

The ball position and your stance indeed decide your success on the backspin as well as your hit. If you want to create a regular shot, put the ball in the center of your stance.

But for creating backspin, there are a few things you should take note of, for example, placing the ball close to the back foot.

With this position, you are easier to create the shot. Don’t forget to swing hard before hitting the ball.

Also, mind the related conditions with your shots! For example: hitting the ball into the wind to get the best result.

When you do the whole step right, you will see your club opposite the middle of the back of your foot thigh.

Set Your Angle!

The next step is setting your angle. This is also one of the struggles that beginners have to face when they start learning golf. Here, you are suggested to create a steep angle.

Of course, you may not measure your angle precisely as this asks the player experience. However, you must try to measure it when possible.

It means your angle of the backswing must be excessive.

To do so, you should hinge your fingers before adjusting the angle. When posing at the right angle, you will see the ball rolling expectedly.

Don’t Hit The Turf First!

This suggestion may sound a bit complicated, especially for beginners, as they often hit the ball and the turf at the same time. However, with a bit of practice, you can do it with ease.

Because, to get a successful backspin, you have to hit the ball first before approaching the turf.

According to experts, when you hit the turf first, you are likely to lose control of the ball and the friction, which decreases the spin rate.

Meanwhile, if you hit the ball first, you can handle the shot better, and a higher possibility to create the backspin.

Hit Close On The Clubface!

Now, try to hit the ball low with the clubface properly. Now, try to hit the ball low with the clubface properly. Don’t do it too low as it leads you to get bladed shots later on.

This step requires you to spend time practicing. And, if you do this step right, you can ensure the last steps. Also, if you want to get a higher friction level, you can get it at this step.

How To Get Backspin?

After knowing how to create backspins, many factors can have a serious effect on the success of the backspin shots. Each factor has its typical requirement. Let’s check one by one:


Club is an essential tool to play golf. When it comes to this equipment, players are recommended to use a modern wedge that has a new groove.

However, these grooves might get stuck by grass, soil during the used time, and some of them even will lose their sharpness after one or two years.

Thus, check your club and its groove every time, make sure they are fresh, with no rusts before the game.

Golf Balls

As mentioned above, some balls are specifically designed for a high rate of spin such as a premium ball, the pro V1X, Fx.

Also, you can ask another experienced golfer for more consultation on a qualified ball.


The simple rule is when both the clubface and the ball are dry, it will generate more friction on their surfaces. Therefore, make sure the clubface and the ball get dried properly.

Besides creating friction, it also protects your golf equipment from being rusty.

Lie angle

This angle is needed to create a high spin rate. Depending on your style, you can play from a very tight lie angle to a fairway or fringe angle.


To create more friction, all you have to do is hit the ball in the lower grooves.


Pitching and chipping are both techniques used in golf. If you shoot the ball with longer pitch shots, plus more club speed, you are about to create more spins.

Spin loft

A club in a good playing condition when it possesses a high lofted wedge of 60 degrees. You can use this type of club to create more spins.


A fast and soft green will handle the ball’s speed and roll better. So pay attention to this feature also when playing golf.


Some golf experts can read the green sloping and where they have to play in defensive style instead of hitting the ball.

And in most cases, you should shoot into a green sloping that towards you.


Defining the wind direction is a should-do thing too. Thus, it is better to make a pitch shot into a headwind.

Because when the wind blows against you, it causes the ball to fall off the line, and your gesture might not be as you expected.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, there are many golf techniques and skills to learn if you want to become a professional golfer.

However, in this article, we would guide you on how to put backspin on a golf ball only.

It is not an easy technique as it requires you a lot of observation and playing experience. However, nothing is impossible.

You can master generating spin rate by giving effort on more practice every day. Good luck!

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