How To Increase Driver Distance?

How To Increase Driver Distance

When you can achieve a proper driver distance, you will feel more confident in your playing. As a result, you can perform excellent swings on the golf court with such a promising start.

However, many golfers, especially beginners, haven’t managed to know how to increase driver distance. Don’t worry; this article will show you the way. Scroll down now!

How To Increase Driver Distance?

In order to help you gain a distant driver swing, we provide you with the tutorials for improvement in four different sections, from the internal factors to the external ones. Let’s start!

Do The Best With The Basic First To get a good driving distance

If you can carry out a fundamentally sound swing with ease, you will face no difficulty in delivering your golf ball as far as you want.

Sometimes, even proficient golfers struggle to prepare a decent setup, so they waste considerable yardage for their driver’s swing.

There are many elements contributing to the inefficiency in delivering remarkable driver distance.

For example, you inappropriately transfer your weight, your swing plane has gone too steep or flat, the golf grip doesn’t function well, you turn your hip a little bit over the recommended form, or you are at an unsuitable posture, etc.

The basics are necessary

Honestly, many golfers have underestimated these fundamental factors. Consequently, they take the incorrect basic elements above as their playing habit.

This is the reason why many people haven’t been able to perform a proper driver distance even when they have played golf for a long time.

One more time, we want to stress that you have to concentrate on and master the fundamentals before going on any further technique, including a distant driver swing.

Adjust Your Technique with driver For more Distance (Follow Instruction)


In case you have mastered the fundamentals and are confident with your basic skills, we offer some advanced technique adjustments that may help you to do better than you expect.

Ball Height

This pregame setup is minor, but its role is undeniable. According to a general rule, golfers should adjust the clubface’s top in the same direction with the golf ball’s equator.

By teeing the ball, you will stand a better chance to hit your ball up with your driver.

Wide Stance

In a set of golf clubs, the driver is the longest one. Hence, you can swing this club at the fastest pace.

If you want to improve your swing speed as well as the driver distance, you should strive to obtain an accurate stance.

Besides a wide stance, golfers need to rely on a solid base for greater balance.

Normally, amateur players tend to constrict their legs while swinging the club, and this bad habit will lead to a sloppy shot.

To cope with this problem, you should extend your shoulders so that the outside of your shoulders can be in line with the inside of your feet.

Place The Golf Ball In The Suitable Position

Many beginners are prone to placing the ball close and right in the middle of their stance because they want to perfectly have a hold over the golf ball.

However, this is an incorrect conception. In fact, you only lay the golf ball near your feet only when you are going to deliver an iron shot.

This common mistake also affects your strive to boost your driver distance.

If you place the ball at the center of your stance, you can’t adjust your shoulders’ positions to the appropriate form.

Consequently, your club’s moving route will be negatively changed. As you know, you can’t achieve a distant driver swing if you don’t have a decent swing path.

Apart from placing the ball in the middle of your stance, putting it close to your stance is another cause for the failure to increase driver distance.

You should master golf technique

When you stand too close to the ball, you will strike down on it instead of hitting in the right spot.

The length of the driver combined with a downward strike will impose excessive spin on your golf ball.

Therefore, you will have an up-in-the-sky shot, but it doesn’t go far.

If you now realize that you have made these two mistakes for quite a long time, we are here to help you.

So as to maximize the driver distance, you should perform an upward strike to the golf ball.

To accomplish this technique, you need to set the ball in line with the forward foot’s inside.

This position will allow the clubhead bottoms to be taken out in the sooner stage of the swing. As a result, on the upswing, you can execute a distant driver shot with ease.

Spine Angle

Many golfers always try to keep their spine as straight as possible. However, this is not a correct posture when you focus on a distant driver shot.

In contrast, you should tilt your spine a little bit away from the golf ball.

By that, we mean, if your dominant hand is on the right side, you should set the right shoulder at the lower position than the left one when addressing.

Focus On Your Physical Health And Flexibility

Although golf doesn’t involve vigorous and speedy movements like other sports, it doesn’t mean that you can master golf with an unhealthy body.

Technique and physical health are the indispensable factors in any sport deciding whether you will gain success in the sport or not.

For instance, if your core regions like hip complex, abdominal muscles, or lower back are suffering from diseases or malfunctions, swinging the golf club at high speed and precise technique will be a nightmare for you.

Besides, we all know that the driver is the longest as well as the heaviest one among every club. Therefore, the swing will be much harder for people with inadequate health.

If your flexibility is terrible, you will consume a lot of energy to perform an excellent shoulder turn while making a backswing.

Instead of imposing your energy on the shot, your force will be wasted on a swaying or over hip turn.

Some exercises for golf

In case you have acquired all the fundamental fitness requirements for playing golf, we suggest that you register for a specialized fitness course for golfers.

According to scientific research, a golf-emphasizes physical training program can bring you these benefits :

  • Boosting your swing speed and distance
  • Extra 20-30 yards in your driver distance
  • Ensuring the consistency and precision in any of your swings
  • Leading to the wonderful overall scores

Exercises for improving physical strength and flexibility will ensure you will achieve not only remarkable driver distance but also the overall result.

What’s more, if you take the course for golf fitness regularly and properly, you can make positive changes to your body and attain greater productivity at work.

Get A Private Customized Golf Fitting To improve swing speed

The difference between mass-produced golf clubs and customized ones is like that in mass-produced suits and tailor-made suits.

You can put on both of the suits as long as they fit you, but the private-customized ones will entirely match your body figure for the most comfortable experience.

This fact also works in the case of golf clubs. You can still use a driver that everyone else is using, but you may not make the most of it.

If you have a made-for-yourself golf driver with a particular and perfect shaft weight, club loft, or shaft flex, you will find increasing driver distance easier.

We recommend you opt for custom fitting

Plus, your shot will be more consistent and accurate because the driver has been customized to match your body figure and physical health.

Luckily, many golf club manufacturers no longer charge their customers a custom fitting fee.

Therefore, you can design a golf driver on the brand’s official website with detailed information about your body features but paying no extra costs.

However, no matter how much money you spend on a customized golf driver or no matter how high-quality the golf club is, you will still make terrible swings if you don’t have decent techniques.

The support from technology is just a recommended factor but not a must-have one in our tutorial to increase driver distance.

Our advice for you is to opt for this step only when you have mastered the three sections above because they are the core characteristics for any player in every sport.

Bottom Lines

Playing golf is as simple as you see it on the TV. This is a sport of patience, determination, complete precision, and concentration.

Having a distant driver shot at the beginning of a golf game will bring many advantages for golfers. Yet, not everyone can attain this technique.

In this post, we have shown you how to increase driver distance with four crucial factors above.

Once again, we want to emphasize that excellently performing the fundamentals is the most important feature for you to acquire distant driver shots.

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