How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight Every Time?

how to drive a golf ball straight

How to drive a golf ball straight every time?

You must have asked this question several times if you are new to this game.

Besides, it is exceptionally vital to know that playing golf well often comes with the right technique and frequent practice.

Every tiny detail in your performance determines your success.

To help you visualize this process clearly, we have written a comprehensive guide for all you guys.

Wait no more and give it a check!

How To Drive A Golf Ball Straight Every Time?

In today’s article, we will show you two basic methods.

Let’s get started!

Method 1: Drive The Ball Straight And Far 

Tee The Ball High

To begin with, let’s determine the position you will put the golf tee.

Make sure to drive it only slightly into the ground to keep the tee high and then place the ball on it.

Teeing it high enables you to drive it on the upswing and get the maximum distance from your swing.

Put The Ball High In Your Stance

After that, let’s position yourself so that your ball is aligned correctly with your left toe.

Especially, try to address the ball inside your left heel in case you are a right-handed golfer.

Once you swing from this stance, you can hit the most massive swing effortlessly.

Take A Wide Stance

This next step is considered a deciding factor for your success in how to drive a golf ball straight and long.

You have to stand widely, even more than your shoulder width to build a strong base.

Do you know the reason why? 

Well, keeping your feet far apart from one another will deliver a large range of motion.

As such, you will hit with more power when you catch the right standing posture. 

The tips are to stand on both feet with equal weight and keep your head behind the golf ball. 

Grip The Club High

As you have set up the stance, you need to hold the club towards the top end of the grip so that your shot brings down maximum power.

Of course, it depends on the club size and your own body to adjust for the best grip so that you can hit a more conservative tee-ball easily. 

Draw The Club Up And Back

Up next, shift your weight onto the right leg, keep your eye on the ball and draw the club up and back.

Moreover, your head should nudge only slightly back from the ball. 

It would be best if you did not use too much back-swing.

When your arms swing for too long, they will easily collapse, which leads to the over-the-top move. 

Let’s Swing

Lastly, let’s bring the club down to hit it.

Make sure that the clubface makes contact with the center of the ball directly.

That’s precisely the way of how to drive a golf ball straight and far. 

Method 2: Drive The Ball With Accuracy And Control

In this second method, almost all the steps are similar to the previous one.

The difference lies mainly in the distance, angle, as well as your position.

Let’s find out what they are. 

Tee The Ball Halfway

First of all, let’s tee the ball halfway.

This step requires you to plant about half of the golf tee in the ground, which is deeper than the first method.

This range of the tee will show you the way to hit the ball with control and accuracy.

After the tee has been fixed, place the ball on it. 

Put The Ball Low In Your Stance

Next, align your position so that the golf ball lies a few inches from your left toe.

This short-range allows you to keep the swing under control and higher accuracy. 

Take A Narrow Stance

What is more, you need to take a narrow yet moderate stance.

It means that you should stand a little wider than your shoulder instead of keeping your foot too close.

Thanks to this narrow stance, you can constrict your range of motion and control the drive better as well. 

Grip The Club Low

When you plan to drive the ball straight and far, gripping higher on the club is a good idea.

On the other side, holding the club low far from the top end of the grip will help you control the movement with ease when swinging.

It will lead to a definite hit as a result. 

Notably, you have to keep your hands and wrists straight during this process.  

Pull The Club Up And Back

In this step, you need to keep your body with slightly shifting weight to the right foot and keep your head straight right in the middle of the golf ball.

Use a moderate pace to pull the club up and back afterward. 

Let’s Swing

Lastly, bring the club down and swing towards it.

You had better use the club’s flat face to strike slightly under the center of the ball.

It’s done.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the suitable distance from where I stand to the golf ball?

There is no specific number about the position where you should stand from the ball.

The right distance varies depending on the club you use. 

How to stop hitting the ground before the golf ball?

Well, this situation is quite common to all of the newbies.

To improve this thing, we only advise you to be patient and practice more and more, which we have mentioned at first.

Let’s try hitting shots from the tee until you are skillful.

In Conclusion 

Golf is considered a game of detail.

That’s why there are many steps in how to drive a golf ball straight every time.

But we all believe that you can quickly get used to this sport as long as you have grasped all the useful information we provide above.

No doubt, you will become an experienced golfer soon.

Good luck!

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