How Far Should You Hit A 7 Iron? Basic Info Every Golfer Should Know!

How Far Should You Hit A 7 Iron

The 7 iron is one of the most basic golf clubs available to golfers. This club is quite important and is used frequently by both novice and professional golfers.

The answer to the question “How far should you hit a 7 iron?” depends on many factors, but don’t worry, we are here to help you do that!

What Is A 7 Iron?

One of the key factors to improving golf skills is choosing the right club and using it at the right time.

To do this, golfers need to have a clear understanding of how far each golf club goes.

For golf, the iron club is the most popular, used both in practice and competition. Among them, the number 7 is a standard club and also the most difficult to use for newbies.

The 7 club is suitable for shots near the green areas, bringing the ball to the best position on the fairway with the second shot on par 4.

Golfers can use No.7 club as a replacement for the No.8 and No.9 iron when performing “bump-and-run” hits in areas with open, dry grass.

The design of the 7-club models has a loft that is about 3 – 4 degrees greater than that of the No 6 and 6 – 8 degrees greater than the No.5.

The advantage of designing a large loft is to have a wider impact surface. However, it will also reduce the polishing distance significantly.

How Far Should You Hit a 7 Iron?

Distances Of 7 Iron

At each level, players will have different distances. Below is a list of the distances a golfer can get by using the 7 iron clubs.


If you are a golf beginner and unsure which club to choose, the 7 iron is the best choice for you.

It is a comfortable club that helps you learn basic moves and gain knowledge of distance and trajectory.

Most beginners will hit 100 yards (men) or 60 yards (women).

Intermediate players

Any golfer who makes a “bogey” or scores 95 on 18 holes is considered an intermediate player.

When intermediate golfers hit 7 irons, the ball typically walked 75 yards (women) and 135 yards (men).

In comparison, intermediate golfers have a faster head speed than beginners, which allows them to travel farther.

The issue these golfers are dealing with is inconsistency. They may hit their 7 iron 150 yards one time and 120 yards the next.

Advance players

Advanced golfers are those who can hit 82 scores or higher on 18 holes.

These golfers frequently have outstanding control and can hit the ball much further using club head speed and sweet spot touch combination.

Advanced players can hit 7 irons 165 yards for men or 140 yards for women.

PGA Tour Players

Men typically hit 7 irons 185 meters. For women, they usually hit 7 irons 160 meters.

Most professionals have spent their entire time practicing golf, which explains why they can hit the ball so far.

They have incredible flexibility, allowing them to swing the golf ball at extremely high speeds while maintaining their golf stance.

How far can you hit a 7 iron depends on which level you are. But for advanced training, you can also attend professional golf schools.


What Are Golf Club Distances And Different Tactics?

Knowing the standard swing distance helps golfers save shots and improve their playing skills.

This section will reveal how far golfers can hit golf clubs such as wooden, iron, hybrid, and wedges.

According to experts, the hitting distance of a golf club will depend on many factors such as the type of club in use, the type of ball, the condition of the court with a hard or soft fairway, strong winds or standing wind, dry or wet grass.

Furthermore, gender, age, fitness, and swing speed will also affect the golf club swing distance more or less.

In which, technique and force are important factors determining the hitting distance of each club. And it is noticeable that this distance can vary from player to player.

The Distance Of Hitting Wooden Clubs

Basically, golfers can achieve maximum distance using wooden clubs. For male golfers with an average handicap, they will reach 220 yards using the number 1 baton.

Meanwhile, the average professional golfer can get to be 285 yards. For a 3 wooden club, the player can take the ball up to 205 yards, and with a 5 baton 190 yards.

With an average Handicap female golfer, they will reach a distance of 175 yards with a #1 baton, 140 yards when playing with a 3 wooden club.

Therefore, a wooden club will be the best choice for golfers who want to have a long shot on the fairway.

The Distance Of Hitting Iron Clubs

New players perform the distance from 100 yards with the number 9 iron. They may hit 175 yards with the number 3 iron.

As a rule, the reduced distance depends on the higher the number on the club.

For female golfers, this number will be trimmed down by about 20%. Specifically, they have a distance of 80 yards for a 9 iron and 145 yards for a 3 iron club.

The Distance Of Hybrid/Rescue Clubs

One of the indispensable lines for golfers is the hybrid club, also called as a rescue club. This club line has the ability to replace the iron in the golf club set.

For example, for hybrid number 4, you can choose this club instead of the No. 4 iron, similar to the 5,6 hybrid.

The length and loft of hybrids are similar to irons, but the appearance looks like a wooden club.

Hybrid clubs will help golfers avoid common mistakes, especially in semi-rough grass, and minimize dense grass.

The spacing of hybrid golf clubs is not much different from the corresponding irons.

The advantage of this club is that the clubhead has a design that increases stability.

Accordingly, the distance for the No.2 hybrid golf club is 185 yards, the No.3 club is 175 yards, the No.4 club is 165 yards, and the number 5 golf club is 155 yards.

Thus, if the higher the number on the club is specified, the distance will be reduced by about 10 yards, similar to the iron. However, iron golf clubs will have greater coverage.

Specifically, the coverage of the iron golf club will be about 120 yards, and the hybrid club will be about 55 yards.

What Are The Tips For A Better Hit?

To have an accurate ball with good distance, players should know how to hit the ball correctly. Here are the basic techniques when using a 7 iron:

Preparation posture

Players stand with their left shoulder tilted slightly away from the ball, left hand created with the handle of the club in a straight line.

Relax and look in the direction of the ball, placing the ball in a low position on the swinging trajectory.

Touching posture

Keeping the left shoulder, head, and left hand in comparison to the prepared posture, other parts will flexibly move according to the swing.

Open your hips toward the ball; the left hand is at the position of the left foot.

Swinging posture

Swinging technique greatly influences how far the No.7 club hit and how golf performance is. This is the position that is most susceptible to mistakes for beginners.

If you apply too much force, it can cause the ball to deflect. Try to control the club so that it is still in the wing trajectory when swinging the club up to the highest position.

The tip of the club that will point directly at the player while swinging is a standard shot.

Downswing posture

Continuing from the backswing, players need to rotate the hips out a bit. Other parts of the body also flexibly move after swing to have a gentle posture.

Different postures

The slice error is one of the mistakes many people make when they start practicing. A slide error happens when the shot is misdirected in a path from left to right.

To avoid this, a player can perform a baseball swing on the edge of the teeing ground as part of the warm-up process.

And the polishing technique to eliminate slice errors is as follows:

  • Step 1: Hold the stick at level 6 on a scale of 1-10 so that you can see for yourself two knuckles in the left hand.
  • Step 2: Proceed to shallow the plane of the downswing
  • Step 3: Swing the club in the style of a flowing ball on the edge of the teeing ground, creating a feeling of the downswing in a shallower plane. This move will help the player to have a more straight shot.
  • Step 4: Reversing the club’s path to limit swinging the club back too much when performing backswing and bow forward too much when performing downswing.


Above are detailed instructions and relevant techniques to help players perform more accurate shots in Golf.

To answer “How far should you hit a 7 iron” and how to have a shot with the best distance, you should own yourself a 7 iron and experience it on the field.

After many practice sessions, you will be more confident with your shots. Good luck!

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