What Golf Clubs You Need In Your Bag?

What Golf Clubs You NEED In Your Bag

For golf beginners, it is essential to find out information about a standard set of golf.

Because of the fact that there are many different types of golf clubs, and for newbies, choosing the right set of clubs is not easy.

So, what golf clubs you need in your bag? Let’s dive right in.

What Golf Clubs You Need In Your Bag?

According to the rules of the two largest golf law organizations in the world, USGA and R&A, the standard set of golf clubs that a professional golfer must bring when participating in tournaments include 12 clubs, which are three wooden sticks, eight irons, and one putter.

The International Golf Federation law also stated that a player could carry a maximum of 14 clubs, and no club can be longer than 48″.

That is why some golfers will buy more iron, wooden or hybrid sticks.

In terms of the number of sticks in the standard set, usually, there will be three wooden numbers 1, 3, 5. 8 iron numbers 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW.

Information about this number will help you better understand the article content.

Fairway wood

Fairway clubs are another term for a wooden club in golf and are used on the Fairway. This club is designed with the right angle of loft to easily bring the ball to the air.

It is divided into categories by number, namely 3, 4, 5, 7.

With quite a simple but extremely delicate design, the features of the Fairway club are large, raft, and quite a wide contact surface.

This is also a golf club with a handle, which helps golfers perform high kicks or hit par-five long balls.

In golf, fairway clubs are divided into two categories, Strong and Standard Fairway.

The Strong Fairway is designed with a smaller loft angle than the Standard Fairway with the same number of clubs.

This fact causes Strong fairway shots to often have a lower height but the ball to fly farther.

The Fairway is considered one of the most important clubs for golfers. Golfers often use it to start with low to high loft angles.

The lowest loft of the fairway club is 13, and the maximum is 22 degrees.

In general, the higher the number of clubs, the greater the loft, and the shorter the club length.


Driver stick is the number 1 wooden stick, known as an “atomic bomb” in the arsenal of golfers. This means that if you use it effectively, it will help you succeed in every ball.

However, if used the wrong way, it will cause your ball to fail miserably.


In the past, Driver sticks were often made of wood. However, with today’s modern technology, manufacturers have replaced it with titanium.

This material is much lighter than steel, making it possible to make larger clubs with constant weight.

The flat surface design allows the driver club to fly with the smallest angle, thereby limiting the effects of the wind.

Among golf clubs, this is the club with the lowest loft. Theoretically, the larger the loft angle, the larger the shot angle will follow, from which the ball will go further.

The loft angle affects the distance and trajectory of the ball. Driver’s loft angle is from 7 – 12.5 degrees.

The experienced golfer will prefer to choose a loft angle of below 10 degrees for straight and farther ball lines.

The most remarkable point of Driver club is the clubhead, also known as Sweet Pot. This is the part of the club that directly impacts the ball.

For golf beginners, the area should be large for the smoothest feeling.

It also helps you hit the ball in the right direction and far away, even if you put the ball a little bit off. Current club head standards range from 400cc to 460cc.


As the name suggests, these sticks are made of steel or iron. This is one of the most popular golf clubs today.

The iron is functional for short shots, such as kicking on par 3 or hitting the green.

Iron club

The clubhead is made of steel or iron and is also numbered one or higher.

However, you’ll mostly see a standard set of irons numbered 3-9, with 3 irons being the longest and flattest in the set.

Manufacturers often name Iron clubs from 3 to 9 or divide them into Wedges. For comparison, the clubhead of this club is thin and smaller than the Fairway’s head.

Some people choose to have a hollow design of the clubhead. This golf club usually has grooves and loft angles that are ideal for swinging and precise ball movement.

Golfers often use Iron clubs to perform swingings or shots on short holes or from the Fairway. It is recommended that you should only use them for greens below 200 yards.

The closer to the green, the greater the number of iron clubs used by the player.

In addition, many golfers choose to add other special iron such as Wedges, including 1 Sand wedge (SW), 1 pitching wedge (PW), 1 Gap Wedge (GW), 1 Loft Wedge ( LW).


The Hybrid is also known as the Rescue Stick, which is a combination of the long iron and the Fairway.

In the past, most players used iron or Fairway to make shots in the green.

Later, to be simpler for the player and to optimize the ball game time, the Rescue stick was born with the full features of the two basic clubs mentioned above.

Hybrids club

Thus, the purpose of the Hybrid club is to hit the ball to reach the green and at the same time help players save the ball from difficult areas such as rough, bunker.

This advantage is due to the Rescue club’s design having a heavier tip than the Fairway wood.

This club has a long, hollow, and narrow tip, which helps the club to reduce sticking to long grass when hitting and better hitting difficult areas.

Improved clubhead design makes Rescue strokes less spin, resulting in better access to the green.

This is also a special feature that makes Hybrid clubs so important to golfers.


The Wedge is the golf club with the highest loft, the heaviest clubhead, and the shortest Shaft among the clubs.

This design aims to help the player produce maximum precision lob shots at short distances.

You can effectively move the ball onto the green or out of the trap.

In addition, the Wedge also has a modified base, which allows players to move easily in areas with poor conditions on the field.

Examples of silt, thick grass, sandy terrain, or ball buried in sand, Wedge club will save the ball from the grass.

In the Wedge group, we have four types of clubs: Lob Wedge, Sand Wedge, Gap Wedge, Pitching Wedge.

The Pitching wedge (PW) has a smaller loft than any other wedge. Most PW clubs have a loft angle of 46-50 degrees.

When golfers do a good shot with pitching, which involves receiving the ball and sending it into the air, the average shot will travel between 110 yards and 140 yards.

The Gap wedge (GW or AW) has a larger loft than the pitching wedges but smaller than the lob wedges and sand wedges (between 46 degrees and 54 degrees).

The average swing, the distance when using the AW club, is about 90 to 110 meters.

Sand Wedge (SW) golf clubs are designed to handle a golf ball that falls into a bunker.

Not only that, but the Sand Wedge is even more versatile and can be used whenever a player needs to hit the ball less than 90 yards away.

This club model has a greater loft than AW but a lower loft than LW. Most SW clubs have a loft between 54 degrees and 58 degrees.


Of all golf clubs, the putter is the most used. Especially for golf beginners, the number of times using the stick in each round is a lot.

The choice of a club is highly dependent on the individual golfer. This means that no club shaft is a standard club, and each golfer has to find his/her favorite.

Putters can be found in many different shapes and sizes, giving different effects.

Currently, there are two popular Putter tips: Blade (club-heel balance club) and Mallet (club-face balancing club).

How to Choose a Suitable Golf Club?

For beginners, it would be best to choose 4-wood or 5-wood sticks. Hybrid clubs would also be a good choice.

You should also choose the body of the club with L (Ladies), A (Senior), or R (Regular) to reach the maximum ball distance.

When you play more professionally and have a high swing speed,  switch to the body with S (Still) or XS (Extra Stiff) for increased accuracy.

Besides, you should also pay attention to choose clubs with a loft less than 10. This will help you control the ball better.

And if you are left-handed, choose special sticks designed for you.


Choosing the optimal standard set of golf clubs is a way to help golfers experience the most enjoyable golfing process and get the most out of them.

We hope you found the answer you need on what golf clubs you need in your bag.

Thank you for reading!

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