Golf Club Brands To Avoid! Check This Out Before Getting A Golf Club

Golf Club Brands To Avoid

A set of superior golf clubs is an excellent side-kick for any golfer, especially beginners.

However, on the market, there are plenty of club brands that make golf players become overwhelmed.

Consequently, some newcomers may spend money on low-grade products from invalid manufacturers.

To deal with this problem, we will give you a list of golf club brands to avoid.

Never Buy Fake Golf Clubs From Illegal Golf Club Brands

Before getting into the specific golf club brands, we would like you to bear in mind this noteworthy point.

This section will always be the foremost factor that golfers should avoid before paying money for a golf club. Therefore, we guarantee that it will help you out.

Commonly, golfers regard fake golf clubs as the knock-off ones. So, what are they? As you can see from the name, knock-off clubs are a replica version of legitimate products.

Despite having a relatively identical outlook as the authentic clubs, the fake ones are of far inferior quality compared to the products from major companies.

The golf clubs from reputable brands often come with a quite expensive price, so not many players can afford them.

This is the reason for the massive production from the illegal manufacturers.

They release a much lower price range for a club with the same design as the genuine one.

However, the materials used to make fake clubs are mediocre and low-grade.

In fact, the knock-off golf club inflicts not only awful effects on you but also on other major brands.

If you purchase and utilize a cheap club with terrible quality, you will soon suffer from irritation on the golf courses.

There are some elements from replica clubs that will annoy you and ruin your playing time, like the club’s durability, reliability, inappropriate dimensions, and so on.

From time to time, after withstanding many horrible experiences with the knock-off, you may get tired of playing golf and get rid of this interesting sport.

It’s challenging to tell the fake and the genuine one apart

Apart from affecting players, knock-off clubs will financially do harm to the lawful manufacturers.

Between two models with the same design, of course, people with limited understanding about choosing golf clubs, especially the golf-newcomer, will opt for the cheaper ones.

Consequently, the authentic brands will lose a great number of potential customers and revenue.

To avoid wasting money on knock-off clubs and illegal brands, we recommend you buy products from official websites or authorized retail stores of the lawful brands.

Plus, you should choose manufacturers or stores that offer decent warranty policies as a measure to assure their products’ quality.

Once again, bear in mind that paying for authentic golf clubs is beneficial for yourself and the major manufacturers.

Golf Club Brands To Avoid

Now, we will move on to the detailed golf clubs brands that you should avoid spending your money on.

avoid #1 – Yonex Golf Club

Yonex is a Japanese company specialized in manufacturing sports equipment. There is no doubt about the quality of Yonex products for badminton and running.

However, when making golf clubs, Yonex hasn’t done a good job.

According to several feedbacks, Yonex clubs seem to provide a poor feel and a sense of cheaply made materials.

Maybe, this is the reason why Yonex sells its golf equipment with a lower price range than other brands.

However, quality is still the most crucial factor that golfers focus on when buying golf clubs.

Avoid #2 – Alien Golf Club

Alien is another brand that offers cheap products but cuts down on the quality. The most obvious problem customers can find out from an Alien club is the unreliable build quality.

As we all know, when carrying out a swing, we have to move the club really fast as well as making strong and speedy contact with the golf ball.

Therefore, if we have a poorly built product, the risk of damaging the club is increased.

Alien golf clubs

Yet, in case you want to look for a golf club set for your children, Alien may be a good choice due to its affordable price.

Avoid #3 – GigaGolf Clubs Set

This company emphasizes producing customized clubs and selling clubs that were already assembled to match random specifications.

Other major brands have several stores with ready-to-buy clubs, so you will have a chance to try out these items and decide which one will fit you best.

However, since GigaGolf is not a reputable brand, you can’t know whether your purchase is suitable for you or not, even when you have ordered a club designed with your personal specifications.

Furthermore, GigaGolf products often come at much cheaper prices than most brands on the market. Hence, it is inevitable to have a doubt about the product’s quality.

Avoid #4 – Hammer X Driver

Hammer X impresses many golfers through its advertisement about how successful the company is. In fact, advertising products is the marketing strategy of any brand.

But, if the real quality doesn’t meet the advertisements. Many golfers take Hammer X as an example for over-advertised brands.

Hammer X golf clubs

Since having a strange design, the Hammer X club is reported to slice the ball quite often. Besides, there are also complaints about the durability of Hammer X.

Avoid #5 – Ryoma Clubs

Ryoma is another Japanese brand on this list. The only problem with clubs from this company is the sound.

Catching the right sound when playing golf is significant because it can improve the golfer’s sense of a proper swing.

However, Ryoma clubs don’t make a good sound. The company should work out to solve this problem.

Bottom Lines

Choosing the appropriate golf clubs plays a decisive role in helping you to gain prominent results in the golf courses.

On the contrary, if you pick unsuitable clubs, it’s challenging for you to enjoy the game.

In this article, we have given you the list of golf club brands to avoid so that you can have the best experience when playing golf.

Once again, bear in mind that you should never fall for the knock-off clubs.

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