How To Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag?

How To Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag

If you are a golf lover, you will surely know the key rule for golf bags, which is no permission to carry over 14 clubs.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to organize a 14 slot golf bag properly for your most convenience.

Let’s take a look at our blog to capture helpful stages in arranging your bag correctly. Read now!

What You Need To Prepare?

In order to start the arrangement smoothly, golfers need to meet the essential tool list for the best preparation, particularly:

The Golf Bag

A golf bag is a kind of equipment that should be mentioned first on this list.

Specifically, you need to get the right type of 14 slot bag, which offers full-length partitions for golf club transportation and storage with ease, along with extra pockets or space for taking more additional instruments or other valuable gear.

golf bag

Moreover, do not forget to pick the one with shoulder pads with adaptable straps and a firm plastic base.

The Golf Clubs

As you are permitted to bring only 14 golf clubs at a certain time, please ensure that you prepare all the key clubs ready in your bags for any round or practice of golf.

Some Other Accessories

Besides the two gears, as mentioned earlier, there are also some other accessories that golfers also need to take along with their golf course.

Those tools are gloves, balls, golf weather instruments, and even a towel.

How To Organize A 14 Slot Golf Bag

Once you’ve finished furnishing all the necessary equipment, let’s move to the organization process.

The below part is an easy yet comprehensive instruction to support arranging a 14-slot golf bag in the best way.

Step 1: Clear The Interior Contents Of Your Bag

If you are a complete newbie at golf, you certainly need to purchase a new golf bag.

Nevertheless, if you already have one and take it along with you for a long time, we suggest you check the bag to rearrange or replace some old equipment in your bag.

The first stage is to clear everything inside your bag and take out all of its content.

There are certain things you possibly do not need or use anymore, such as discarded papers, torn balls, and even food wrappers, etc.

During this process, please remember to empty the bag’s side pockets and unzip your golf dividers.

To be more specific, you will probably be surprised with those unexpected and extra tools that stay and weigh your bag roughly for a while.

clear your golf bag

Step 2: Classify The Content

After you have emptied the bag thoroughly, it’s time you filtered or categorized the inside contents.

With stuff such as golf balls, clubs, golf gloves, or something that can be utilized again, you should place them to one side.

Similarly, continue to get rid of the things you do not need anymore, like damaged balls, ripped gloves, and even point-cards from the last golf round.

In this way, you will know exactly what is inside your bag and get rid of the trouble of spendings your time looking for the needed equipment.

Moreover, classifying the content will make your golf bag lessen the weight and help to keep it in good condition for long-term use.

Step 3: Wipe The Bag (Both The Inside And Outside)

If your bag hasn’t been cleaned for a while, it isn’t hard for you to discover a lot of dust and dirt, especially accumulated in the internal corners of your bag.

With the assistance of some damp cloth, please give your bag a meticulous wipe-down for both the outside and inside.

In case your sack has tough dirt that is hard to wipe away with just a cloth, you can use a certain cotton ball and rubbing alcohol to scrub them off better.

Step 4: Organize The Clubs In Your Golf Bag

Until this step, your bag has partly recovered a fresh and clean appearance, then now is time to organize your clubs into the partitions of your golf bag’s inside.

The first point to assembling a 14- slot golf bag is the necessity of determining how many parts it owns. The result of this organizing process mainly depends on the number of partitions.

For example, few bags appear with only two dividers, while others include four or more.

After you have accurately determined the storage level in your bag’s sections, it is a punctual start to arrange your best golf clubs, such as drivers, irons, or putters, into your bag.

Still, we recommend you begin organizing by assembling your clubs from left to right.

The back of your bag is nearest to the shoulder straps with a slot that best suits your longest clubs to position there.

In addition, you ought to put the smallest golf clubs in the front section of your bag.

It would be best if you also placed the putters in the direction of the rear end of your bag.

Yet, it will be greatly better if your bag has detached putter sleeves, which you can put these clubs in this place.

Likewise, put the drivers and woods in the rear, near the putters. Follow the left to the right direction, and place the remaining mid-irons and short clubs under the golf drivers.

This specific arrangement would assist you in balancing your bag as you need to take it along with you on a big golf course.

Furthermore, it also allows you to pick out the correct kind of golf club anytime you need.

Step 5: Arrange Extra Golf Accessories

Currently, a lot of 14-slot golf bags on the market offer side and front pockets to support the maintenance, not just golf clubs but also additional accessories related to golf equipment and gear.

These spots should be saved for required things such as divot repairing devices, balls and even tees.

On the other hand, you can place some less-used stuff like gloves, rule guides, or sunglasses, to name a few, in the less approachable and smaller side pockets.

Most golf bags in the current market have some separate slot designed for slipping scorecards, towels, or pens into them, which leads to ease of use as you can find them easily whenever you want.

Other Factors Need To know

What Clubs Should You Have In Your Golf Bag

The type of clubs that you put inside your golf bag indicates your skill level in the game.

Particularly, experienced players often carry roughly five hybrids and eight iron, while an average golfer prefers to carry approximately eight hybrids.

Thus, it is recommended that you equip your golf sack with suitable and relevant clubs based on your level.

For example, you do not carry some professional gear if you are a newbie of the game; instead, select a golf driver suitable for your golfing shot.

For instance, if you follow long golfing shots, you need to pick out fairway wood clubs.

You are prone to use a 5- wood with degrees of 19-23, while a 4- wood is 16-19 degrees, and a 3-wood is 14-16 degrees.

Recommend Some Great Golf Clubs For You

According to the purpose and playing style of different golfers like senior ladies, experienced players, and newbies, various golf clubs fit each category.

In particular, wedges, hybrid, putter, and iron are preferable to long-shot play. In case you are a short-shot player, you should pick wood golf clubs.

Here, we are about to mention some well-known brand-name in the market for you.

M5 Ladies Golf Set Club is a good-quality, light club with girly pink, a precise option for skilled ladies.

If you are going to join the golf round-off to tee, a wood fairway Wilson Staff C300 club will be a good choice for you.

But in case you want to have an outstanding putter for utilization, you should visit a golf equipment store and buy a Spider Interactive Golf Putter.

Or, if you are looking for a putter on a relatively tight budget, do not overlook the Wilson Harmonized golf club.

Likewise, the Pinemeadow golf club is one of the best options for you to practice your shots better.

In sum, selecting a perfect golf club depends on your experience, purpose, and even budget.


Until now, we consider that you have completely captured how to organize a 14 slot golf bag as well as some handy notices to choose and arrange golf clubs into your bag properly.

Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to keep following us to collect more useful tricks.

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