How Much Does A Full Golf Bag Weigh? Every Golfer Needs To Know

How Much Does A Full Golf Bag Weigh

Have you ever felt extremely tired when carrying golf bags for a while?

If yes, don’t worry; we are here to help you out. This article on “ how much does a full golf bag weigh” will provide you with detailed information about golf bag weight and how to make your bag lighter.

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How Much Does A Full Golf Bag Weigh?

Well, the weight of golf bags varies depending on the type of bag you opt for. According to golf experts, the average golf bag weighs between 25-30 pounds.

Lighter bags can weigh 15-20 pounds when filled, while a heavier bag will weigh up to 50 pounds.

There are six common types of golf bags, and each bag has a different weight.

Tour Bags

Tour Golf Bag

The first popular golf bag is tour bags, which are bags carried by professional golf players.

They are really useful and handy as they are considered the largest golf bag with roomy for a full collection of gloves, clubs, and balls.

However, it is a large bag at 10 pounds when vacant and may climb up to 50 pounds when full bag.

Travel Bags

Travel Golf Bag

They are suitable for those who regularly travel and still want to golf when they can. These bags are designed to carry clubs and all accessories when traveling by airplanes.

Nevertheless, remember that they can be a little precarious in terms of weight since they can be either heavy (hard case) or light (delicate case).

Similar to tour bags, travel bags are around 40 or 50 pounds when packed.

Cart Bags

cart bags

Interestingly, they are a tinier version of the tour bags, which consist of pockets and compartments for carrying balls, clubs, and gloves.

These bags are produced to carry around with a trolley.

Even though cart bags don’t have enough space to carry many extras like the way tour bags do, they are considerably lighter than the tour bags at approximately 6 pounds when empty.

Stand Bags

Stand Golf Bag

Stand bags offer retractable legs, which gives you more freedom to move around. If you want to carry a golf bag, it is still a great choice as it is designed like a backpack.

Additionally, they are naturally lighter than travel, tour bags, or even cart bags at only 5 pounds when empty.

Pencil Bags – How Much Weigh?

Pencil Golf Bag

Surprisingly, pencil bags are a variant of stand bags and are much lighter (only 2.2 pounds).

That is the reason why they do not have enough space for gloves and balls and potentially reduce the weight of the bags.

However, they are not waterproof, which can contribute to the total weight of bags when you are trapped in heavy rain.

Compared to other bags, they are much easier to move around, and there is still adequate space for a set of 14 clubs.

Waterproof Bags Weigh

Waterproof Golf Bag

The list of golf bag types will not be completed without mentioning waterproof bags.

Unlike pencil bags, waterproof bags have the benefit of being very small and light ( average 1.6 pounds) because of the material used to make them.

This type of bag also has the extra advantage of keeping your clubs dry in case you are under an unpredictable downpour.

What Are the Factors That Affect the Golf Bag Weighs?

Although the bags themselves are the most important factor in how heavy bags will be when full, there are different things to pay attention to.

Remember that you need to keep your pack lighter in order to handily carry it around.

Iron Clubs

Golf irons vary in weight from 3 to 9 iron and increment a little in weight with each level to the degree.

There is almost a full pound distinction between the three iron and the nine iron.

While the 3-irons are no longer widely used, a few players still choose 5- or 6-irons to use.

This can result in a total bag weight gap of up to 5 pounds between them and somebody who only uses 9-irons.

golf iron


Downpour may significantly impact the bag’s weight.

Assuming your bag is made of a material that cannot be waterproof, the water will douse into the material, which can increase by 2 to 4 pounds.

While this may not appear to be heavyweight, it can make a huge difference and drain energy better utilized for playing when conveying a bag for 18 holes.

Steel or Graphite

Golf club shafts have traditionally been made of steel, which is a sustainable material, weighing between 90 and 120 grams.

Even though steel has had several rivalries for a while now, it is still widely utilized.

Noticeably, graphite turned into a common alternative in the 1990s and has been used more frequently since then.

Unlike steel-shafted golf clubs, graphite weight is much lighter,  between 50 and 85 grams.

That is why many golfers are really keen on carrying graphite shared clubs that improve their swing space and reduce the total golf bag weight.

Golf Balls

The number of balls that you bring along with you will make a significant difference in the total weight of your bag.

Compared to the golf clubs, the weight of golf balls is standard and precise at 45.93 grams each ball.

Normally,  golf players will convey nine balls in the bags, which adds more than two pounds to the bag’s weight.

If your bag is smaller and does not have the additional pockets for that number of balls, you can have to do with less.

This is not a perfect choice if you are a golfer who often loses balls, but it is beneficial if you are attempting to keep your pack lighter.

Which Are Best Golf Bags Weight In The Current Market?

If you are looking for a bag that is compact and simple to stroll an eighteen-hole round, any bag under four pounds is a good choice.

To help you better understand what certain name-brand golf bags weigh, here is a list of 8 golf bags and their weights. (They are empty)



TaylorMade 2020 Quiver 3 pounds
Titleist 2020 Carbon Stand 3 pounds
Sun Mountain  3.5 LS 3.5 pounds
Ogio Shadow Fuse 4 pounds
Callaway 2019 Select Stand Bag 5 pounds
Ping 2019 Pioneer Cart Bag 7 pounds
TaylorMade 2018 Supreme Cart Bag 7 pounds
Ping 2020 DLX 7.5 pounds

What Are The Tips For Making A Golf Bag Lighter Weight?

The most popular problem with heavyweight bags is an overabundance of unneeded items in your bag.

It is excessive if you find 30 golf balls, 10 old scorecards, 1000 tees, two shirts, and some other miscellaneous products.

It will be a fantastic idea in case you need a coordinator for your small carport to keep your golf tools.

Once your bag begins to approach the 45-pound weight, you will possibly face injury.

These hints can support you in making golf bags a bit lighter:

  • There is no need to bring exceeding 8 balls in a bag because, at the end of the round, you can fill up if necessary.
  • You only require around 7-8 tees to compete in one round, so you do not need to pack all the tees you bought.
  • Check your bag for any unwanted clothing; it has likely been there for a long time, and you no longer need it.
  • In case you bring an umbrella in your bag, you need to use it if there is a chance of a downpour.
  • Ball markers, divot repair tools, and coins appear to collect in a bag; cleaning it out once in a while is recommended, as the divot repair tool can be very heavy.
  • Why are you bringing golf clubs around if you never utilized them? Bring only the clubs you want to use for each round.
  • Don’t carry your rangefinder if you don’t need it.
  • Just bring one water bottle, which you can refill after 8 or 9 holes.


Overall, golf is an interesting and enjoyable sport, but it is never easy to master.

It requires beginners to understand many skills and tips to play, especially tips to choosing the suitable golf bag weight.

The reason behind it is that a perfect bag plays an important role in helping golfers experience the best-golfing process.

With the article on “ how much does a full golf bag weigh,” we hope to provide enough detailed information that you are searching for.

Thanks for reading, and see you in our next post!

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