How Long to Play 9 Holes of Golf?

How Long to Play 9 Holes of Golf

Playing golf is the favorite activity of many people nowadays. This sport can keep you healthier as you can hang out, get active, be in nature or even socialize with more people.

However, golfing might not be suitable for everyone as it is quite time-consuming if you take it seriously.

Normally, a golf game will have 18 holes of golf, but there is also 9 holes golf game for those who want to spend less time with this sport.

So, how long to play 9 holes of golf? In this blog, you will find the answer to that question, plus more tips and tricks to better playtime!

How Long to Play 9 Holes of Golf?

When it comes to timing, 9 holes needs fewer hours to finish than 18 holes. This is like a short game for those who do not have too much time to play 18 holes.

So, how long to play? This answer is not clear because the time you spend will depend on many factors (we will mention it later on in this blog), and different players will spend different times playing the same game.

It will take so much longer for a beginner than an experienced or professional player.

However, we can measure the relative time spent for different groups of players. For beginners, normally, it takes a minimum of 15 minutes to finish one hole.

Therefore, you might need around three hours to complete 9 holes of golf. More experienced ones can get the job done in around 2 hours or more.

If someone is really skilled at this sport and has played it for years, they only need more than 70 minutes for all 9 holes.

9 holes

How Long to Play for Two Golf Players?

The time spent playing golf is very different if you play with someone else. Normally, it will take around 4 to 4.5 hours for two people to finish all 9 holes.

This time can vary greatly, again, depending on many factors, especially the ages of the players.

What Factors Can Affect Timing?

Let’s take a look at the factors that will affect the time you play golf. These factors affect all types of games, including six holes, 9 holes, and 18 holes.

Riding Cart and Walking

There are two ways you can play golf, riding a cart and walking. When taking these two methods into account, it’s obvious that riding a golf cart helps you to save more time.

People usually consider riding instead of walking when the course is too wide or when they want to spend less time golfing.

Walking, on the other hand, is slower as you need to walk and run without the help of any vehicles.

This method is more “sporty” as you can exercise a lot, but if you choose a really big course, it will consume a lot of time and tire you.

riding cart

The Size Of the Course

The size of the course you play can affect how much time you will need to finish the game.

For sure, when the course is bigger, you need to move more, and it will take more time to finish the holes.

If you choose a par-3 golf course, it will take around one hour or one and a half hours to finish.

For 5500 to 6000 yards courses, you need around two hours to finish all 9 holes, and 7000 yards courses can require two and a half hours of your time.

Levels of Your Skills

When we answered the question about the average time spent playing golf, we mentioned the players’ skills and how it can affect the time they spend on this sport.

While a beginner might need three hours to finish all nine holes, it only takes less than 80 minutes up to two hours for professionals and experienced ones.

If you want to play better and faster, the one thing you can do is practice a lot.

It might take a lot of time at first, but you will see how much you improve your game over time.

In case you cannot go out so frequently to practice, find a suitable golf simulator to practice at home.

Your Age and Physical Condition

Your age and physical condition can determine how fast or slow you play golf, especially when you choose walking over riding.

While walking and running around the course, you cannot go fast if you feel tired.

This is why younger people can play faster than the older ones when they are at the same level.

As a result, if you feel like you cannot walk around for too long, you can choose a small course or riding cart; it will make you finish the game faster.

How Crowded The Course Is

When you play alone or only with one more person, it will take so much less time than playing in a crowded course.

course crowded

What Should I Do To Play Faster?

So far, we have covered the average time spent playing 9 holes of golf and the factors that can affect the time we invested. Here are some simple tips you can do right away to play faster:

  • If you cannot find the golf ball, only spend around four or five minutes searching for it.
  • Try to play swiftly.
  • Ride instead of walk (depending on your interest.)
  • Choose a course of reasonable size and players.
  • Practice at home a lot.
  • Pick a smaller size, of course, if you do not have much time playing.


Playing golf can be a good sport and a healthy habit if we do it regularly in our free time. As many people do not have hours to play 18 holes, 9 holes is a better option.

How long to play 9 holes of golf? We have answered that question during this blog and given you more tips about reducing the time spent on the game. We hope you find it useful!

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