An Honest And Objective Look For Vice Pro Soft Review

You are looking for a golf ball brand for beginners.

Accidentally, you can see Vice Pro Soft in some online ads about cheap golf balls you could buy that could be better for golf balls performance. 

Because you are a beginner at golf, you may not wonder whether it is as phenomenal as advertised.

Please read this article below about Vice Pro Soft Review and get an honest answer.

vice pro soft golf ball review
"If you have a slow swing, this ball is great for you"
  • Manufacturer: Vice Golf
  • Dimple design
  • High Energy Speed Core
  • Low compression

Main Features And Advantages

Design and material 

It is designed for a beginner to average golfer with a ball speed of below 95 MPH driver swing speed.

Typically, it features multi-layer construction and medium-soft coats.

It consists of 3-Piece construction with a cast urethane cover.

Thanks to the 3-layer form, it is more premium than two-piece balls, which helps it offer more spin and more distance.

Moreover, the most exciting thing here is that Vice Golf Pro Soft is the first ball made of urethane cover material.

Urethane is technically softer than balata and surlyn covering – the cover materials of the past’s high-performance ball.

Actually, it is more durable and less prone to cuts and scrapes.

So, it delivers higher spin rates on wedge shots.

Low Compression

This product is rated as one of the low compression balls.

Ball compression is essentially the golf ball’s density, and this density affects ball flight and loft.

A low-compression golf ball is more comfortable compressing in collision with the driver, which means a more incredible amount of energy is released on the ball.

This causes the ball to fly farther than a golf ball with higher compression.

Moreover, a low compression golf ball helps against other factors, such as hitting the batter's sweet spot if you're having trouble on the racecourse.

Plus, this ball is aimed at advanced players with medium to low swing speeds.

So, they will benefit from this ball with low compression ratings in optimizing distance and higher spin rate.

Also, using a low-compression ball can help control the ball when it lands on the batting surface.

Matte Finish

One of the main features of this ball is the unique matte finish.

This is truly the industry's first urethane golf course to possess a matte finish urethane overlay.

vice golf pro soft review

This unique matte coating is also skinny and provides soft feels and high adhesion to greens.

The translucent effect is caused by small silicate particles embedded in the inner lacquer of the ball.

Another success of Vice Pro Soft's extraordinary matte cover is that it dramatically lessens brightness while handling shadows and increases the ball’s visibility both on the ground and the sky.

Dimple Design 

Along with the ball’s matte finish, it is also worth mentioning that the 336 dimple design of this product is extremely durable.

What’s more, the 336 dimple design is intelligently designed to provide a steady flying path and reduce diffusion, so keeping the ball straight on its flight pathway even in breezy situations.

Color Options

When it comes to colors, they will meet your demands. In other words, it has a variety of color options depending on your interest and eye site.

Vice Golf gives you a wide range of color options such as white, red, and neon colors.

vice golf pro soft ball review

Pro Neon Vice Golf Ball is the best idea for golfers who often play in the winter or those with a habit of losing their balls.

Pros & Cons

this ball is longer off the tee compared to the Callaway Chrome Soft.

It is around 3 yards longer on average.

If you are the kind of person who likes soft ball and desires the most distance possible, it is an excellent option for you.

Vice Pro Soft is often compared to ProV1 in terms of value.

But if it comes to quality with price, Vice is the better choice.

Its quality is not much different from ProV1, but the price is only half of ProV1.

Unlike some other golf ball brands, they only have a white hue while Vice Golf has various color options like white, red, lime.

This is advantageous for Vice because lime and red shades will be more visible in the sky and winter.

Immensely, for those who like color, a Vice Pro golf ball will help you have brilliant golf balls and reduce the likelihood of losing the ball.

Vice Golf’s minus point is that it is direct to consumers.

In other words, they only have the form of selling online.


  • Increased Distance
  • Great Value
  • Colour Options


  • Purchasing Issues

General Customer Reviews

Overall, this product receives positive customer appraisals rather than negative ones.

The ball itself is very extraordinary.

They look and feel premium.

It was challenging to pick out anything negative about all the balls tested.

Vice ball feels quite soft when chipping around the green, but there were no issues with flights and feel from tee to green.

The distance was great.

The most important thing is that it is premium with S2TG technology, but it’s not as expensive as some other premiums.

If you like soft balls, why don’t you try them?

That’s all about our review that you should read carefully before purchasing it to make your golf game much easier and more enjoyable!

Bestseller No. 1
Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls, White (One Dozen)
  • 3 piece cast urethane cover
  • Low compression for extra-soft and responsive feel
  • Extremely durable 336 dimple design
  • Matte finish for improved visibility during ball flight
Bestseller No. 2
Vice Golf PRO Soft 2020 | 12 Golf Balls | Features: 3-Piece cast Urethane, Soft Feel, high Ball Flight Stability | More Colors: NEON RED, White | Profile: Designed for Ambitious Golfers
  • 3 Piece cast urethane cover ball construction with extra-thin cover for high short game spin
  • Designed for golfers with medium and low swing speeds who aim to maximize their score performance
  • Outstanding spin control and extra soft feel off the club
  • Newly designed, closed alignment line for better aiming
  • New glossy outer finish available in three different colors WHITE, NEON LIME, NEON RED

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What is the compression of Vice Pro Soft?

It is a low compression soft ball. Its compression is 90 - 99 MPH driver swing speed. 

Is the Vice Pro Soft good for seniors?

The answer is yes. Soft balls could benefit seniors’ games.

In general, the senior golfer with a low to medium swing speed, so Vice gives them reasonable control around the green.

Which Vice Golf Ball is like Chrome Soft?

The majority of Vice Golf Pro Soft review recommends that it’s quite similar to the Callaway Chrome Soft.

Both offer distance, forgiveness, and spin rate in a superb performance, among other golf ball selection.

Does the Soft Golf Ball go further?

Yes, it does.

As mentioned above, a low-compression golf ball releases a more incredible amount of energy on the ball.

This makes the ball fly further.

Wrapping Up

Through this Vice Pro Soft Review, you can see that Vice is a premium golf ball without a premium price tag.

Its quality is undoubtedly in the golf world.

If you are hesitating to buy the recommended products among brands of golf balls for beginners, please order now.