TaylorMade Noodle Long and Soft Golf Ball Review

If you are looking for a golf ball that can promote forgiveness, travel a longer distance compared to other types, and especially come with an affordable price, then the Noodle long and soft from Taylor Made is one standing-out option for you.

In this Noodle golf ball review, we will figure out why this version is so live up to its name.

Let’s begin.

noodle review long and soft
"good ball with great value"
  • Brand: TaylorMade
  • Layer: 2
  • Compression: 35
  • Spin rate: Low-medium
  • Golfer: Beginner/ Senior/ High handicap player

Noodle golf ball review

This Golf ball originates from TaylorMade - one of the big golf-equipment manufacturers.

This company already has 3 popular types of golf ball on the market, but this time, we bring you the Noodle long and soft golf ball review.

It is the original, also is the most well-known product from this manufacturer.

The core and cover

The company manufactures this Noodle golf ball with two pieces: the cover and the core.

And these factors are what define the quality of the golf ball, also directly affect your game.

The core and its function

The 2-piece golf ball term is the other saying of low compression and durable golf ball.

The large core inside with a low compression rate helps to create more chances for forgiveness.

That's why when making a clubface impact, you don't need to be under the pressure of performing a precise swing.

Also, this product is designed for moderate swings.

It means that you don't need to be highly focused on making an exact and robust swing when in a game with a better component.

The ball can fly straight and far and it only needs a sufficient swing.

noodle long and soft review

The cover and its function

Those are amazing things the core benefits us, and to complete the ball’s function, the cover is also a major factor.

As you can see, golf balls all have dimples on the surface, usually from 300-400 holes per ball.

They made this to help reduce the wind resistance and allow the ball to fly straight and far.

At this product, they also applied this technique and combined it with the nature of the core material to promote more distance.

Besides, due to the low-compressed core, the ball will deform a little or much when impacting (based on players' strength).

This allows it to spin less and travel further than the multilayer golf ball.

In addition, golf balls bear a lot of force, from the club head impact, or when accidentally hitting the tree or rock or something hard.

This is when the Noodle long & soft proves its durability.

Made from Surlyn, the ball’s outer layer is incredibly hard and sustainable with impacts, allowing it to last for quite a time.

Suitable market

With all the amazing features above, they have proved that this item is something upper compared to the price, right?

In conclusion, you can assume that this model from Taylor is exactly like what it is titled: long & soft.

Based on these features, the ball is suited for beginners, senior golfers with medium swing, and a little lack of good compression.

High handicaps players are also welcome to use because this ball is a fundamental equipment to start off the game with an inferior competitor.

Unwanted effects

No matter how exceptional a thing is praised, complimented, it still has some drawbacks.

To be honest, this product produce less feel compared to other high-end ones.

It is not heavy enough or too deformed for high impact.

Notably, it can cause you to lose a little feel when performing chip shots and short pitches.

Accordingly, players with low handicaps and strong swing can find this isn't the go-for golf ball.


  • Affordable and ideal for occasional games
  • Fly straight and far
  • Players do not need to perform well compress
  • Durable
  • Promotes chances for forgiveness


  • Bring less feel for high-velocity and fast swing
  • Bring less feel for controlling accurate shots

Customer reviews

Reviews from previous buyers are the most trustworthy advice, and to some people, customer words are considered as the approvals of buying products.

Understand the fact, we also check numerous feedbacks from users who have experienced the item.

In general, they all give this Noodle long and soft a big thumbs up.

Worth to mention, there is a huge amount of reviews from the elderly who are super satisfied with this product.

The quality it offers is terrific regardless of the price.

After checking these words, it seems like the reputation of this item's quality is no inflation at all.

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Other concern facts

There are some cruxes you need to know when adopting this ball.

Understanding more about its capability before purchasing will help you a lot in making the right choice.

Should you buy the Noodle long and soft?

If you are someone who just started this sport out, or a senior with moderate swing and expects a ball with forgiveness to save the game, then this Noodle long and soft would be one of your best supports.

Of course, you can go ahead and spend money on more expensive products like the ProV1 or others and enjoy the fancy golf playing.

However, if any of the ball’s features we mention above fits your circumstances, you should save money from the high-end ones and give this model a try.

Though it is not the best golf ball out there but with such quality at this price range, it is absolutely worth every penny.

Where the Noodle long and soft fails?

Nothing is perfect, and at this product, there are some points the ball is a little out of control.

To make it more transparent, when performing the chip shots, you might lose the feel sometimes, so the ball’s flight might not be as you expected.


If you missed something in the review above or didn't meet your needed answer, these frequently asked questions are probably the key to your issue.

Are Noodle golf balls good?

Depending on each person and their level, "good" will have different definitions.

Here we mention the good standard for beginners, the elderly, those with high handicaps. And the answer is a resounding yes.

As mentioned above, the Noodle long and soft version clearly can improve the lack of skill, forgiveness, and fly far and straight with moderate swing.

So, why not?

Do softer golf balls go further?

Soft golf balls are designed to spin less, travel further, and take a more straight flight route than harder golf balls.

So, the answer would be yes.

Should I use soft or hard golf balls?

Depending on your purpose and technique, you should choose the suitable golf ball for you.

For more specific, soft golf balls are for moderate swing, and far distant.

And the hard one is for better control and strong compress.

Wrap up

In short, in the Noodle golf ball review, we proved that it shows better efficiency for those who are just at the beginning level and are improving or who have moderate swing.

When you get this model into the game, you can feel more confident when performing distance.

Also, it brings you more chances to play as equal if your competing friend’s skill is slightly better than you.

If you have tried many kinds of golf balls and still, are not as you desire, or the budget is what kicks you away, then the Noodle long and soft is what you should go for.