How Wide Is A Golf Cart? Golf Cart Dimensions You Need To Know

How Wide Is A Golf Cart

You should know the width and other dimensions of a golf cart before buying it. In this way, you can make sure that your golf cart will fit your truck bed as well as your garage. How wide is a golf cart?

In general, the width of a standard golf cart with two seats is 4 ft (about 48-50 inches). Some golf carts with more seats will be wider.

  • The width: 4 feet / 1.2 meters
  • The height: 6 feet / 1.8 meters
  • The length: 8 feet / 2.4 meters

What Is The Length Of A Golf Cart?

On average, a standard two-seat golf cart will be 8 ft equalling 96 inches in length. The length will vary depending on the number of seats. So, golf carts for 4-6 people will be longer.

They can reach 160 inches in length.

Some other golf carts are a bit shorter than the standard ones. But the golf cart length won’t be smaller than 94 inches.

Other Golf Cart Dimensions You Should Know


There are 2 different methods to calculate the height of a golf cart.

In the first method, the height is measured from the bottom of the tire to the steering wheel. Normally, this distance is about 47 inches.

Golf carts without a roof will get their height measured by this way.

In the second method, people measure the distance between the tire and the roof of the cart. In most golf carts, this distance is about 67 inches.

But the second measuring method is only for golf carts that have a roof.

Besides, the height of a golf cart can vary by different manufacturers. Some brands produce taller golf carts. Some others offer shorter carts.

But the height of a golf cart doesn’t affect the number of seats it has.

Golf Cart Dimensions

​Ground Clearance

Ground clearance of a vehicle is the distance between its bottom and the ground. In golf carts, this distance usually ranges from 4.5 to 5 inches.

The higher the ground clearance, the less likely things can touch the cart’s bottom when moving. Some golf carts allow you to adjust their ground clearance.

This feature is useful when you have to drive the golf cart through rough terrain. You can lift the bottom of these carts by 3 to 6 inches.


Many factors influence the weight of a golf cart such as materials, designs, engines, and so on. Generally, a golf cart can weigh around 900 to 1050 pounds.

Weight is also a factor you should consider before buying a golf cart. The golf cart weight needs to be compatible with the truck’s capacity.

How Does A Golf Cart Fit In The Truck Bed?

golf cart on a truck

If you want to load a standard golf cart on a standard truck, it will snug fit. But you will need some ramps to load your golf cart on and get it out of a truck.

The weight of a golf cart is around 1000 pounds. So, you should choose ramps with a load capacity of 1,500 pounds.

Moreover, it’s necessary to secure the golf cart to the bed truck with straps. You can see video below to know how to load a golf cart on a truck bed.

Recommended Garage and Trailer Dimensions for a Golf Cart

Garage dimensions

The garage should be big enough to hold the golf cart and still have space for other purposes. It’s better to have a garage 10 feet wide and 20 feet long.

With this space, you can park your golf cart and have extra room for other activities.

Trailer dimensions

For a standard golf cart of 4×8, a trailer of 5×10 will be suitable. Most trailers come with ramps so that you can easily load the golf cart on them.

Don’t forget to secure the golf cart tires with straps to prevent them from moving around.

What Should You Consider When Buying A Golf Cart?

Besides the size and weight, you need to consider other aspects when buying a golf cart. Below are what you should consider​ when picking a model:

Price range

On average, a new golf cart will cost you about $5000. So, you need to consider your budget to decide which model to choose.

Purpose of use

You can use a golf cart for many purposes other than moving to the golf course. It is useful for farming, hunting, camping, and so on.

Therefore, you should define the intended use of your golf cart. Then, you can choose a ​model with suitable features and specifications.

New or used golf cart

Another thing you should consider is buying a new or used golf cart. A new golf cart is rather expensive, so many people choose to buy a used one.

Buying a used golf cart can save you a great deal. But you should know the situation of the cart well. Besides, you can buy a refurbished golf cart to have a like-new one at a low cost.

Have the cart inspected before buying

Before you pick any golf cart, you should have it inspected by a professional technician. The technician can tell you which cart is worth buying.

In this way, you can avoid buying a low-durability golf cart.

Test drive is necessary

test drive golf cart

You should test drive the golf cart you intend to buy before bringing it home. You can test the speed, signals, and safety features of the cart.

If you have any questions about the golf cart, ask the dealerships for detailed answers.

Pay attention to the battery

If you buy an electric golf cart, you should know the battery life and charging time. Some carts will take you a long time to charge the battery but drain out quickly. Besides, a spare battery is also necessary for backup.

Final Thoughts

Through this article, you may be clear about the width of a golf cart. The golf cart size may vary depending on the number of seats or different brands. Thus, you should consider all the aspects and your needs to choose a suitable ​model.

Thank you for reading!