Cut Blue Golf Ball Review

Cut golf ball has been growing in popularity for about a year now and gained considerable attention from golf players all around the world.

With its special feature as a low-priced but high-quality product, it is the talk of every town.

As the cut golf ball leaves unnecessary costs such as marketing, middleman, locations, it remains its quality but can considerably reduce the price.

The Blue is among the top recommendations in terms of this category.

So check this detailed cut blue golf ball review then decide to seal the deal!

cut blue review
"Awesome ball, excellent performance"

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Cut Golf
  • Feel: Softer
  • Spin: lower
  • USGA Conformint 
  • 314 Dimple Patter, 90 Compression

Cut Blue Golf Ball Review - A Closer Look Into The Treasure

The cut blue golf ball is a four-piece tour-level ball with a urethane outer layer.

You might wonder how this drugstore golf ball could compare to the high-end ones on the market.

But it is completely possible with a smart selling strategy.

As we have mentioned above, this product doesn’t spend anything on marketing, middlemen, or locations.

Therefore, you won’t find it in those brick and mortar stores.

You will need to go online and order it.

By this way of doing business, the brand has saved for you a ton of money spent on unnecessary fees to make profits.

However, let’s check other criteria to see whether the product would meet our expectations.

Design And Technology 

The Cut Blue is a 4-piece construction with a fine urethane outer surface and 314 dimple pattern. Its compression rate is 90 and is only available in the white version.

cut blue golf ball review

This product is delicately designed to give a lower launch and powerful ball flight.

Although it bears much resemblance with the higher price range products, it still has some slight differences in terms of its aesthetics.

The white paint opacity in the cut blue is much greater than that of the standard tour ball.

However, it is highly recommended by experts that a dull white ball is more beneficial for players than those with brighter ones as these can limit your vision!

But there is one side of this product that you probably will not enjoy even just one bit.

The logos and brand name printed on different cut golf editions almost look alike, so it might be hard for you to distinguish.

For that reason, it is better for the brand to color-coded it clearly to avoid unnecessary mistakes.


When taking the blue cut golf ball for try-out, we are surprised by how amazingly it works.

The claim of delivering performance with a reasonable price point is not a lie at all.

The quality can compare to any other standard tour ball.

With this buddy in hand, even newbies in the field can achieve a good launch.

The player can also have considerable control over the shot, thus better navigate the ball flight.

Moreover, the flying orbit off the tee is exceptional.

The ball does not go either too high or too low but somewhere in the middle, which makes it the most outstanding feature above all.



  • Bright white

Common Customer’s Review 

Most of golfers are really surprised by its performance and the incredibly low price.

With this price range and user-friendly features, this ball will be a perfect match for beginners.

However, it can have some difficulties in retaining the quality if the weather is severe.

For instance, when the winter comes and the temperature dips below 60 degrees, you would feel like hitting a chunk out of the ball.

So if you want to purchase this one, do it in spring, summer, or at least the end of the winter.

Cut Blue Golf Balls, 4 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)
  • 4- piece construction
  • Tour Quality Urethane Cover
  • Designed for maximum distance with your driver and irons without compromising greenside spin and control. View our bulk buy discounts in the product description area below!
  • 314 Dimple Pattern
  • 90 Compression

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Are Cut Golf Balls Any Good?

they are not expensive, but you should not underestimate them for that reason.

The quality is good and can compete for any top-of-the-line golf balls on the market.

All cut golf balls are sold online to reduce costs in marketing, locations, etc.

If you are lucky to have a discount or free ship, this product is even more of a steal.

Who Owns Cut Golf?

Uisprapassorn originally established the unique cut golf.

He was dissatisfied with the fact that the money he had to spend on those golf balls did not go all into the quality and other expenses such as middleman, locations, etc.

For that reason, he became a co-founder of a company which produce good golf balls with a low price.

How Many Golf Balls Can You Have In A Sleeve?

A golf ball sleeve is a box with a long rectangular shape or tube-like shape to store golf balls.

Each sleeve usually has four golf balls inside.

In most cases, a golf ball pack consists of 4 golf ball sleeves, which make a total of a dozen for each purchase.

Bestseller No. 1
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  • Ultra Soft Feel
  • Superior Distance
  • Excellent Greenside Control
  • Trusted Quality and Consistency
  • The number on the golf balls have 4 sleeves and 4 numbers for each sleeve
Bestseller No. 2
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  • Longer Distance
  • Responsive Feel
  • Greater Short Game Control
  • Penetrating Trajectory and Consistent Flight

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Cut Grey Golf Ball Review - Another Piece To Make A Perfect Dual

The cut grey is a 3-piece construction with a urethane outer layer and 314 dimple, which is a bit different from the cut blue.

This product is built with a compression of 80, and you can only find them in the white version.

cut grey golf ball review

The cut grey outer look is meticulously designed for moderate swing speeds, which range from 85 to 90 miles per hour.

Another noticeable feature is that its soft compression is highly suitable for players with disabilities.

The cut grey, together with the cut blue and cut white, make up a perfect cut dual-core.

The dual-core performs excellently like any other golf ball we have taken into the course.

With the special design for amateur and particular subjects such as handicap players, the dual has shown its dedication to all players.

The ball gives players significant control over the swing speeds.

Thus, they can carry out precise and powerful shots without any difficulties.

The ball flight is comparatively qualified, not too low nor too high.

However, as we have mentioned above, the cut grey and cut blue can cause some misunderstandings due to the logo and brand name designs.

The great feel with a solid green side is unique selling points of the ball, which will definitely please all players.

Finally, with its shot stopping ability, the cut grey can grab your attention right at the first sight.

Additionally, the durability of the cut grey slightly outperforms the cut blue.

It can last for the whole round without a scratch.

Cut Grey Golf Balls, 3 Piece Urethane (One Dozen)
  • 3 piece construction
  • Tour Quality Urethane cover
  • 314 dimple pattern
  • 80 compression
  • Built with soft feel and incredible spin, perfect for golfers with moderate swing speeds looking for greenside control, good distance and responsive feel.

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In A Nutshell 

The cut golf balls no need further discussion is obviously a steal for you.

Although the two balls are sold at reasonable prices, they still managed to offer many excellent features that please their customers.

The detailed cut blue golf ball review is a closer look into this deal in case you are still wondering.

We hope that you now have the answer for yourself!

The blue ball, the grey one, or both, it is all up to you.