Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Ball Review

Callaway is a trusted brand that has produced a wide variety of excellent series of golf balls. The Superhot Bold balls are one of them.

It has earned a lot of compliments and several positive customer feedback. Are you planning to buy a pack of Superhot balls?

Make sure you know its features, pros and cons first by reading the Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls review. Scroll down to know.

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Callaway Superhot Bold Golf Balls Review

Main Features and Advantages

Aerodynamic Design

The manufacturer designed the Superhot balls with aerodynamic in mind with the aim of improving the on flight drag and optimizing lift, and they succeeded.

These balls are able to remain in the air for a long time with a steady flight, thereby going additional distance towards the targeted trajectory on the green.

Specific features of the aerodynamic design include depressions and a lot of dimples, 332, to be exact.

It is safe to say that this Superhot Bold model is an outstanding long-distance ball. It makes an ideal addition to the ball collection of real golfers.

3-piece Construction

The Superhot Bold from Callaway is made up of three pieces, which provides a balance of feel, precision, and distance.

To be specific, the ball offers a soft feel to the touch. You will feel as if you are holding a soft ball.

There is a lot to talk about the polybutadiene core, which delivers low compression so that golfers can compress the ball on iron shots to achieve long and straight flight.

At the same time, it creates high energy to let the ball travel additional distance and help you win on the greens.

The Superhot Bold ball is surely the go-to option if you want to hit the ball much farther away.

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Increased Short Game Control and Spin

The 3-piece built-up did a great job in increasing the short game control and spin l of this Superhot ball.

Due to the ultra-soft cover and smooth texture, the ball is able to spin at ease with your putters. Also, it offers superb control on the greens.

Colored Golf Balls

The Callaway Superhot is similar to the Callaway Super Soft in most ways, but it comes with additional color options, including red, yellow, and orange.

callaway superhot bold red golf balls review

And of course, these balls are perfectly legal according to USGA rules.

Colored balls are getting more and more popular these days as they are easy to track in the sunlight and even when it is dark.

You are not likely to lose a couple of balls every time you go back from a golf course like before. Also, we love the matte finish of these Superhot balls, which is not glossy at all.

It seems to have a more sticky quality that makes it resistant to fading.

Some people complained as to how the matte balls hardly rolled on the greens, but we did not run into this problem.

Rather, as the cover is smooth, the balls roll pretty well.

Pros and Cons of Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

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  • Unique smooth surface and texture
  • Improved spin and control on the green
  • Soft feel to the touch
  • Bright color options of red, orange, and yellow
  • Affordable price and amazing value for money


  • Unstable balls for short distance swings

Most golfers gave positive feedback as to the performance of the Callaway Superhot Bold balls. It's excellent for long-distance.

Some prominent aspects mentioned are its soft feel, smooth cover, bright colors, spin, and control, etc.


Also, it is popular due to the soft and receptive texture and smooth surface that is easy to hit. It does not seem to suffer from the distance drop on the green.

On top of that, the bright colors are what people love about these Callaway ball. They are a lot easier to find than the traditional white ball, especially in bright sunlight.

To sum up, the Superhot Bold offers great value for money with its amazing performance - a good choice. This purchase will not make you disappointed in anyways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the compression of the Callaway Superhot golf ball?

Unfortunately, there is no information on the compression of the Callaway Superhot due to company policy.

But they are firm yet flexible, which promises a great experience on the green. Rest assured then.

Does Superhot bold Matte Golf meet the USGS standards?

Yes, the ball is completely legal according to USGS standards. You might worry about its colors and weight, but everything is perfectly fine with this Superhot ball set.

Feel free to play with it if you are a mid-range handicapper.

How is the strength of the superhot bold from Callaway?

The Superhot model is pretty durable. You can expect it to stand up to normal wear and tear around the green.

Compared to chrome soft ball, this one is more long-lasting.

Therefore, we highly recommend this ball for beginners and those who are seeking a quality golf ball that will last.

What color golf ball is best for Golfers? What is the easiest color golf ball to see?

Bright yellow is known as the best for visibility due to the contrast to the green grass. From a distance of 250 yards, you can spot a yellow golf ball much easier compared to those of other colors.

These Callaway Superhot are available in yellow, red, and orange, all of which are pretty easy to track on the green.

Does the Superhot golf ball come with any warranty?

Of course.

The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty for every pack of Superhot golf balls. If there are any problems with your products within 2 years, you can contact the brand to get a new pack.

You can read more about policy of Callaway here.

The Bottom Line

You see, this Callaway Superhot is excellent on the green. It feels incredibly smooth and soft with great spin and control.

You can surely enjoy golfing even more with them and never lose a couple of balls every time you play on the greens anymore.

This is the end of our Callaway Superhot Bold golf balls review. If there are any questions, you can contact us for help.

Thanks for reading.

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