Callaway HEX Tour Soft Golf Ball Review

Since you are here for the Callaway HEX Tour Soft review, I will support you with all my heart.

As you know, this golf ball is designed to reach more spin and distance in long shots.

No matter who you are, a newbie or a pro golfer, you should not miss it if you want to control the greens better.

Follow me and then you feel no indecision in making a purchase!

callaway hex tour soft golf ball review
"Awesome ball, great for long shots"

Product Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Callaway Golf Company
  • Total pack: 24 golf balls
  • Color: White
  • Construction: 3 pieces
  • Cover material: Injection Molded Surlyn
  • Level of recommendation: Highly suggested

Callaway HEX Tour Soft Review

Just by hearing the name of Callaway, you know instantly that you will get to own quality and durable products for the golf sport.

This golf ball is a supreme example.

As the latest item, it truly defeats other competitors from being rated as the best choice of 2020 due to its fascinating and amazing features.

Dive in this detailed Callaway HEX soft review to know more!


The inner and outer parts of this golf ball are constructed out of different materials that can perfectly work together.

This does not only improve the best speeds from the tee-off but also make for a longer play over the green.

Meanwhile, its two mantles are covered with different levels of Surlyn, which also offers greater speed and larger distance coverage while playing the game.

Let’s continue examining the superior dual-core technology.

This tech helps increase the maximum level of advanced spin from tee to the greens.

So, the higher spin is, the further the ball can travel.

More importantly, it allows topspin closer for the greenside control as well as long irons for a lower spin.


As mentioned above, the outer covering of this item is made up of Injection Molded Surlyn.

callaway hex soft review

This type of plastic contains ionomers and polyamides that can be set into shape under heat.

That’s why manufacturers prefer to use it to not only attain a strong, durable mold but also hold softer properties.


Another feature that makes this product a good choice for the greens is with the wedges.

What does it mean?

As you know, this ball is a three-layer one.

The numerous layers piled atop each other mean that the spin separation will come into the effort with ease.

Relying on that, the short game that is shot with the wedges is able to impart higher spin on the ball and then control the ball on the short shots better.

And when the ball lands on the greens due to its softer cover, it easily settles on the grass and does not move away from the hole.


As compared to the Diablo Tour, this ball is softer and feels a bit longer.

Furthermore, it offers you an outstanding soft feel when you go for a shot around the greens.

It can be said that this model from Callaway was produced with the latest technology after proper analysis.

More importantly, most pro golfers prefer these advanced technologies since they can help their ball travel further.


This product is soft, yet incredibly compressible thanks to a sensitive ionomer on the outer covering.

It indeed works to improve the usage of the cover, giving a good feeling while playing, especially for the seniors.

The Good and The Bad

When reviewing a product, showing its strong and weak points is a MUST to give customers a general view.

There is no exception in this Callaway HEX Tour Soft ball review.

Let’s find out!


  • This ball is ideal for both newbies and professionals
  • It has a good distance and feel on the greens.
  • It is straighter and farther than other balls.
  • It is suitable for longer tee shots and iron shots.
  • It provides extra control and spin
  • It compresses well for slow swing speed.
  • It comes with a fair price for 24 balls in a box.


  • It does not take thin hits well.
  • You must check carefully because of some complaints of embedded dirt on the covering.

Some Comments from Users

Is this golf ball a good choice?

It may vary from users to users, but I have to ensure that it is a good golf ball after consulting many comments from many websites.

This product does exactly so that it can go to big distances of the tee, flow from the putter, quickly grip on the greens, and easily take a beating.

But make sure you use a decent club to hit the ball perfectly.

As a result, it will offer you an incredible performance with stop and drop control on the short game.

Ever so wonderfully, the users affirm that once you order this golf ball, you are going to receive what you expect a good item.

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Do Not Miss This Buying Guide

If you claim that this is what you are looking for after reading the Callaway HEX soft ball review above, GO FOR IT.

But in case you find hesitation in making a decision, let me show more necessary information that makes this golf ball a considerable selection.

The Power

As you know, the amount of distance traveled is an important factor in attaining higher points while playing golf.

So, a lot of work and effort is put into the balls’ size, their build, aerodynamics, manufacturing components, and even feel.

What is a powerful golf ball?

A golf ball packed with significant power should spin correctly at the tee-off as well as still being shot over a long distance with just a normal shot.

Additionally, its inner and outer components should be able to ameliorate the way that a player shoots and covers distance.

Now, many technical calculations and innovations are being used in the production of golf balls for both beginners and professionals so that they can experience the excitement of a long shot over a long stretch.

Since the Callaway HEX Tour Soft ball is designed with such the best core technology, you are guaranteed to hit longer shots through the course.

Furthermore, hitting straighter shots irrespective of the conditions is a piece of cake.

Life Span

The durability of any product is always a vital factor that buyers consider.

That’s why you need to check the life span before deciding to buy any item.

In this case, examining the material used to make the golf ball, its components, and what protective measures have been placed to support its life span is essential.

Also, don’t forget to check the size as well as the ball’s color amongst others.

That is the general rule of golf ball shopping, something exists to save you from the trap of poor-quality products.

But if you intend to get Callaway HEX Tour Soft, you can set it aside.

It is said that this ball stands in the group of the most long-lasting and durable golf balls because their components consist of strong and high-quality materials.

Thanks to this, these balls won’t break and have the ability to hold out against low temperatures, making them last longer than the others.

The Softness

No matter who you are, a beginner or a pro, a decent soft golf ball is always a PLUS so that no vibrations and waves go through the club.

As its name suggests, this ball indeed comes with soft coverings to bring the necessary softness in every shot.

As compared to the others, no one overcomes it.

Distance Over the Greens

In terms of distance, the best golf ball is the one that requires minimum effort to travel far.

And the longer distance the ball can cover, the higher on the scale the ball is evaluated.

If you are going to buy the HEX Tour Soft, this golf ball definitively improves the spin separation to travel a longer distance thanks to the core technology.

Control On the Greens

Aside from attaining a longer distance through the air, every player wants the ball to give with more control on the greens.

Of course, this product is designed to complete your wish.

After your shot, the ball will take off flying in a manner that lets you attain your desired resistance from the ground and then bring you more control.


We all know that different golf balls are created for golfers of various skill levels.

While some prefer soft compression balls, the others prefer high compression ones.

But as a newbie, it’s a bit hard to determine which ball is suitable at first.

So, you can consider the Callaway HEX Tour Soft ball because this product is made for any player of any skill levels.

If you follow the Callaway HEX Soft review at the beginning, you now recognize that it provides important features of traveling a longer distance (ideal for beginners).

Moreover, it offers control of pitch shots, grounds shots, as well as chip shots(ideal for professionals).

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Are you still curious after finishing the our review above?

Try to look at some common FAQs!

What is the compression of the Callaway HEX Tour soft?

This product comes with low compression which makes it a soft compression golf ball.

Although most soft compression balls offer less control on the green as compared to the hard ones, the HEX Tour Soft ensures more control despite being a soft or low compression ball.

What is the Callaway HEX Tour Soft golf ball?

Let me remind you again!

This golf ball is created to travel across the field and covers a long distance.

Besides, it offers golfers more control on the ground shots.

Ever so wonderfully, it is produced to fit all players with different styles of play.

Are these hard or soft compression balls?

They are soft compression balls.

How do they spin on the greens?

The outer covering is designed so that it can grip the greens efficiently.

Relying on that, the ball can slow its speed and then stop where you want it to.

Despite its softness, the cover also creates friction on the greens to produce more and more control.

What is the difference in Callaway golf balls?

At first sight, Callaway golf balls look similar on the outside; however, the BIG difference is under that covering.

These golf balls can be divided into two, three, or four layers.

Since each type comes with its own attributes, you need to pick the right golf ball according to your skills and budget.

What is the softest compression golf ball?

The low compression golf balls are often called soft golf balls as they feature a softer core.

That’s why they easily offer you more distance, spinning rate, and soft feel.

More importantly, they are perfect for beginners or players with slower swing speeds (under 85 mph).

Aside from some models from Callaway, you also find other golf balls under Wilson or Titleist brand names.


You have out the best features in this review such as the core technology, soft and improved covering for a soft feel, etc.

So, we can say with confidence that this set seems to have everything a golfer requires in a good golf ball.

If you are going to take great control on the greens the next time, there is no reason to miss it.

No time for hesitating!

ORDER IT NOW and let it shine you a path straight to the top!