Callaway Edge Review Club Set

Judging by the experienced, the Callaway Edge 10-piece golf club set is ideal for beginners and amateur golfers. With a game-changing technology, this golf set is designed for distance and extra support.

This would be perfect for golfers who need a golf set to reduce the impact of mishits. If you agree with us, scroll down for the complete Callaway Edge review to see what experts say about this golf set.

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Comprehensive Callaway Edge Review

There are several reasons that make this iron great for amateurs, from the increased lofts for easier launching to a low center of gravity.

With a wider sole for improving ground interaction, amateurs will never run short of forgiveness But, before we get down to the Callaway Edge combo set review, let’s see what you will get when purchasing this set.

What’s included in the Callaway Edge golf set?

  • The Edge driver
  • The Edge 3-wood
  • The Edge 5-hybrid
  • The Edge 6-9 irons
  • The Pitching Wedge
  • The Sand Wedge
  • The Odyssey Putter

In this section of the Callaway Edge clubs review, the expert at our website will evaluate this golf set comprehensively.

They will break down the features of each club in the set and tell you every detail about them.

The titanium-head Edge Golf driver

The Callaway Edge driver features a big titanium head with a thin and fast face for improved ball speed.

Besides, the center of gravity situated lower toward the back of the driver’s crown will enable amateurs to hit the ball higher with more control.

Beginners will also benefit from the graphite shaft for easier swing and distance improvement.

Speaking of distance, this driver can draw a tie with the Callaway Maverik driver.

Infirm conditions, the Edge driver performs consistently with around 2200 RPM in spin off the tee and a total distance of about 281 yards. If you want to increase driver distance, read more here!

Callaway Edge driver is a nonadjustable option for those who love the traditional driver’s style.

However, golfers will come short of customization as this driver does not support adjustable features for either the head or the shaft.

The Edge 3-wood Club

The 3-wood with aerodynamic clubhead and optimized CG point enables you to make long and straight shots.

Besides, the graphite shaft with advanced perimeter weighting offers golfers, regardless of genders, significantly reduced weight with extra balance for a professional feel.

The Edge 5-hybrid club

The 5-hybrid is the game-improving club thanks to its compact head and cambered sole.

This design will promote the smooth motion across the turf and allow golfers to make long and straight shots from any kind of lies.

With the Callaway Edge golf set, players are less likely to need a 4-iron or 5-iron.

Instead, the 5-hybrid performs consistently and much easier to hit.

The Edge 6-9 cavity-back irons Golf Clubs

These Edge irons feature steel shafts that can impart the vibration from the clubface to the player's hands.

If you want to develop the sense of a true golfer, learning to feel this vibration is the very first thing you need to know.

From the small vibration when hitting the ball, you can tell what you have done wrong or right in every shot.

Besides, the large head with the advanced 2nd-generation stabilizing arch promotes stability in every hit.

Also, the perimeter weighting increases the MOI, making the head resistant to twisting on impact will the ball.

The end result is a more forgiving club with a larger sweet spot.

Hence, amateur golfers will find it easier to hit the frame and make a straight shot.

The Pitching wedge

The Callaway pitching wedge has a classic Callaway design with aggressive grooves and a bigger tone.

This design allows you to perform more shot-stopping spin for several short shots from the firm or semi-soft lies.

Although this set doesn’t include a lob wedge, the Edge pitch wedge will offer a smooth transition between numbering irons and wedges without reducing the consistency of performance.

In case you have not known, this is exactly what newbies need when familiarizing themselves with this particular type of sport.

The Sand wedge

The Edge sand iron features the widest sole in this set with a rounded shape for gliding through sand and preventing digging.

Moreover, this design will provide golfers with excellent ease to take the ball out of soft terrain such as thick rough, soggy ground, green bunkers or mud.

In sum up, with the Edge sand wedge, you can develop the essential skills of playing in sand bunkers and other soft terrains.

This can serve as an ideal method to lay a foundation for your golf career.

The Odyssey White Hot Pro putter

The Odyssey Pro putter is considered the most impressive club in this golf set.

It features a SuperStroke grip, which offers you enjoyable gameplay right from first hits.

This advanced technology will stabilize the golf club under the impact of balls, and so nothing would go wrong while you are in the game.

Meanwhile, the White Hot insert will offer an amazingly softer feel with improving initial roll.

Hence, you will experience a high-grade feel when playing with this putter.


Last but not least, the Callaway Edge golf set comes with a set of headcovers for each golf club, including the putter.

They are designed from the general material of the brand and come in two basic colors, black and white.

Truth be told, it is impressive to have a set of golf clubs with a complete headcover at this price range.

Simply put, the thoughtfulness of Callaway in the smallest things like headcover is the key to the title of top 1 golf accessories brand.

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What We Like about Callaway Edge

Significantly increased distance - The well-crafted clubs offer excellent improvement in distance that you can see right after using them.

Extra forgiving and supporting to avoid mishits - Optimizing center of gravity location for easier hitting and forgiveness.

Awesome feel in the swing with a thud sound when hitting the sweet spot - You will experience the professional feel when playing with this golf set.

Reasonable price for a full-combo golf set - Although the price of this set is not at the bottom range, the Callaway Edge combo is worth the money when considering the excellent value it can offer you.

What We Don’t Like about Callaway Edge

For right-handed golfers only - These ten regular right-handed clubs can be used by the left-handed, but it might be considerably difficult. 

Not suitable for professional players - Lack of accuracy for professional players to make their best hits.

Customer Reviews for Callaway Edge

It receives an overall rating with a lot of positive feedback from buyers.

Many customers were delighted with their improved performance when using this golf set.

They highly appreciate the excellent forgiveness and support that each club in this set provides, which results in straighter golf lines and significantly fewer mishits.

However, a few buyers have complained about the adjustment of this golf set.

If your height is under the standard range, you will find the shaft of these clubs slightly long.

And the downside of this golf set is it comes with fixed-length shafts that cannot be adjusted to fit the player’s height.

Another downside that you can see is there are no rooms for customization.

You cannot adjust either the angle of the head or the shaft flex.

Thus, it is difficult for left-handed users to customize and use this golf set.

FAQs Related To Callaway

Is Callaway Edge good?

As you have seen in the Callaway Edge golf clubs review, this set is a sweet deal for amateur golfers.

Each club in this set offers you excellent forgiveness and support with lower CG and high moment of inertia.

Simply put, amateur golfers will significantly improve their game with this golf set.

Which shaft do the Callaway Edge clubs come with?

The Callaway Edge club set in this Callaway edge complete set review includes a graphite-shaft 3-wood, the steel 5-hybrid, and 6-9 steel-shaft irons.

While a graphite 3-wood offers you an increase in swing speed and distance, the steel-shaft clubs bring you more control and better fit your swing tempo. 

What is "unisex"? Is this good for women?

Several golf clubs are designed specifically for men and women due to the differences in height, weight distribution, and strength.

However, the unisex golf sets like the Callaway Edge are made for both genders.

Namely, the Callaway Edge set includes clubs with slightly shorter shafts, which suit the small frame of a girl nicely.

Also, women will love the excellent flexibility and slower swing speed supporting system in this golf set.

What clubs does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger Woods changed his winning set of clubs each time he won a Masters title.

In the recent year of 2019, this set of clubs has made his victories spanning more than two decades.

  • TaylorMade M5 Driver with a 9-degree loft
  • TaylorMade M5 Fairway Wood with a 15-degree loft
  • TaylorMade M3 Hybrid with a 19-degree loft
  • TaylorMade P7TW Irons
  • TaylorMade Milled Grind Wedges
  • Scotty Cameron Putter by Titleist Newport 2 Tiger

Conclusion About Callaway

In this review, you have seen almost every aspect of this golf set.

This set is the best choice for amateur golfers thanks to its excellent forgiveness and improving distance.

Although there remain some disadvantages, the Callaway golf set offers you a fantastic value compared to the price it costs.

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