Best Golf Drivers Under $200

Nowadays, the fact that golf has now become quite a premium sport has long been acknowledged. In fact, we can confidently say that it is among the most privileged sports around the world.

However, with that kind of reputation, it is not at all an overstatement to say that playing golf can be very expensive.

For example, aside from the money spent on renting a golf course, you will also have to fork out some for proper gear, etc.

Adding up, these will become quite a big expense. Thus, it is imperative that new golfers have access to satisfying yet not expensive gears.

Thus, we want to introduce you to our review of the best golf drivers under 200.

Best Golf Drivers Under $200

TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black

TaylorMade introduced us to the original RBZ driver line way back in 2012, and since then they have set a high standard for the industry.

Their all-titanium approach was simply a huge leap forward for driver design in general.

Now, TaylorMade has decided to renew the legacy product that brought them so many successes with the Men’s RBZ Black.

Of course, the clubhead is still all titanium, as it is still the best possible material for drivers’ heads.

Additionally, they also keep the 460cc club head as it delivers such powerful strikes that hardly any product of the same range can rival.

However, they decided that the iconic white crown is no longer necessary, hence the name RBZ Black.

We have to admit that them doing so has provided the club with quite a dignified look.

Besides, TaylorMade has introduced new innovations such as peripheral and low weight position, which raises MOI and ball flight level.


  • Elegant design
  • Lots of forgiveness to misplays
  • Ultralite titanium core raising MOI
  • High quality shaft


  • No instructions accompanied
  • Bad headcover
  • Not fitting for experienced players

TaylorMade Women's RBZ Black

Just like its counterpart for men, TaylorMade Women’s RBZ Black Driver is engineered so that it can provide powerful performance alongside aggressive styling.

First of all, it also has a 460cc club head made completely from titanium, providing utmost playing capacity and confidence.

After all, the head is designed in a way that can forgive as many mistakes as possible.

Besides, the Women’s RBZ Black Driver has an ultralite titanium core that has been mass positioned strategically, as its main target is women.

Thus, using it will give you much greater control over the ball as well as a higher launch. Also, this driver has the legendary Speed Pocket tech that brought TaylorMade into the limelight.

This time, the tech has been further enhanced, giving you a much lower spin so that the ball can travel a longer distance.


  • Remarkable ball traveling distance
  • Easy to use
  • Incredibly forgiving on errors
  • High quality shaft


  • Not easy for making fancy shots
  • Not fitting for experienced players

Srixon 2017 Men's Z 756

Srixon has been in the golf equipment business for a long time. However, they were always one step behind from getting to be the greatest club producer.

This all changed with their Srixon Golf 2017 Z 756 line of drivers. Having the new power wave multi-step sole design, the Z 756’s entire sole can flex.

Thus, the COR will be enhanced further, providing you with a satisfying launch, especially in low impact cases.

Also, as it has a 440cc club head, the Z 756 can provide you with the ability to perform several shots with higher difficulty level.

In addition, the smaller club head also means that the Z 756 is very compact, so storing is possible even when your place is not all that spacious.


  • Strong and piercing ball flight
  • Heavier and stiffer shaft
  • Compact size


  • Harder to control

Momentus Power Hitter

There is no denying that Momentus is among the top dogs in the golf equipment manufacturing scene.

After all, there are quite a bit of pros who use their products, with the Momentus Power Hitter Driver being the most popular.

Firstly, this club is a weighted one, so it is not a good recommendation for newer players. However, once you do get some experience under your belt, it will turn into quite a huge plus.

No one can resist that feeling when the ball just straight up blasted into the distance. Secondly, with its weight placement, your swing speed will be improved by at least 5 MPH. Besides, the weight placement also stops you from swinging over the top.

Thus, you will get accustomed to using gravity as well as speeding up the speed of your club head.


  • Beautiful design
  • Incredibly satisfying hits
  • Great for swing training


  • Too heavy for beginners
  • Not forgiving to mistakes

Tour Edge Hot Launch HL3

Tour Edge made their name manufacturing budget friendly drivers that can still challenge expensive models. There is no better example of this statement than the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch HL3 Driver.

At first glance, there is no way you can tell that the Tour Edge HL3 Driver belongs to the “cheap” side. After all, it has a forged head of titanium as well as a nice UST Mamiya shaft.

In fact, we have heard people saying that it looks even more like a premium club than some premium ones. Besides, this driver has the Cup Face tech, increasing the face flexing amount and as a consequence, the ball speed.

Also, this tech helps tremendously if you make a mistake while launching the ball, as the sweet spot is also enlarged.


  • Fancy looking design
  • Cup Face tech increasing ball speed
  • Deeper gravity center


  • Harder for ball controlling

PGX Offset

Designed to help players enjoy the game more, the core component of the PGX Offset Golf Driver is its offset tech.

To be precise, this tech will give you an easier time squaring the club, producing much straighter drives.

Additionally, the PGX Offset has a 460cc club head, which is known for its forgiving nature. Thus, even if you make some mistakes here and there, the ball will still travel a great distance.

Also, this club has a 10.5 degrees loft as well as a limited graphite shaft, both designed to strengthen your swing.


  • Offset tech producing straighter shots
  • Very stylish finishing
  • Massive sweet spot


  • Easy to scratch
  • Not as durable

Tour Edge Hot Launch 4

The first thing that you will notice about the Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch 4 Driver is its all new sloped crown design.

With this design, the crown is deeper at the back, increasing its MOI to an unprecedented level of 12%. Thus, the ball speed is improved so much that mishits will look like straight shots.

Besides, the deep cut design on the club’s face means your swing will provide a lot more power. Of course, this design is also a great improvement on the acoustic side.


  • Slopped crown design providing super high MOI
  • Deep cut face providing more power
  • Great acoustic look


  • Too high of a launch angle

What To Look For With A Budget Under $200?

Every single successful golf round usually starts with strong tee shots. Thus, it is really important that you know what you are doing when picking out your driver club.

Here are the factors we believe you need to focus on.


Usually, drivers need to have a huge clubhead so that you can get a substantial sweet spot. However, that does not mean there is only one option.

For instance, the USGA allows a driver head to be at a maximum 460cc, which is also a popular choice among newbies and amateurs.

After all, with this type of head, off-center shots become quite forgiving.

Nonetheless, people will grow, and once you do grow as a player, the large head will become cumbersome.

Now, you need something that can let you do a little magic trick, something smaller like a 440cc or even a 420cc head.

With these, your shots will become much less straight and more cunning.


The head of a driver is often made from either composite materials or titanium, each having their own pros and cons.

To be more specific, titanium is lightweight, long-lasting, and strong. Thus, using it as material means you can get a bigger clubhead without any additional weight.

As a result, you can hit faster and the ball will travel longer. On the other hand, a composite head has several unique materials combining.

For example, there will be carbon in the back reducing the weight and titanium in the front producing optimal speed.


There are three main materials for the driver’s shaft: steel, graphite, or titanium. From these three, steel is usually the least pricy, but it is, no doubt, the heaviest.

If you want to improve faster, then getting a graphite or titanium shaft is the way to go.


Loft is the angle of your club’s head, which affects the distance and trajectory of the ball significantly. There are many available lofts for drivers, mainly between 8 and 15 degrees.

We recommend that you pick the loft based on your swinging speed. To be more specific, if your swing speed is less than 60 MPH, we recommend the 15 degrees loft.

In the case of 60 and 70 MPH, we believe that the 13 degrees and 10.5 degrees ones will suffice, respectively.

All in all, you need to keep in mind that the loft will decide how high or low the ball will go.


Typically, a driver weighs somewhere between 275 and 310 grams, which is enough for heavy swings. However, we suggest you get a driver as light as possible, as it will propel the ball to the furthest distance.


How often should you replace your golf driver?

We know how tempting it may be each time you see improved techs and new collections.

However, we do not recommend that you replace your driver each and every time there is something new on the market.

On the other hand, clinging too long to a driver is also bad. Thus, our recommendation is that you change your driver every three or four years.

Doing this means you can get the most out of your driver and not missing out on new techs.

What is the lifespan of a golf driver?

Despite the fact that other golf clubs can last for more than a decade, golf drivers are relatively short-lived. The reason for this case is drivers having to endure so much more than the other clubs.

As you may know, a golf game can be won off one good tee shot, so most golfers tend to go ham with their driver.

Thus, the majority of golf drivers can only make it to three years.

Are new golf drivers really better?

Not really, it is true that having new tech and stronger material do help. However, the most vital factor is still whether the club can fit you.

Remember, no amount of fancy new tech can make up for the loss of convenience.

What is the best degree driver for distance?

There is no single best loft degree, as it relies heavily on your swing speed. If your speed is anywhere between 95 and 104 MPH, 10 degree lofts are the best.

Between 105 and 115 MPH, anything in the range of 7 to 9 degrees will suffice. You can read more about how to increase driver distance at link below:


It is not at all an overstatement when we say that there is an ocean of driver options for people with an unlimited budget.

However, we are not them, so compromise is always a necessity.

Thus, we recommend that you check out the TaylorMade Men's RBZ Black, as it has too many good features for its price, and totally deserves the title of the best golf driver under 200.

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